Wednesday, June 1, 2011

On-line Dating

Dad mentioned he was on-line about two months ago. I thought me meant that he was on FaceBook. When he asked me to take pictures of him to place on his profile on, I was totally wigged out. Freaked out, shocked and floored- all at the same time.

We did a photo shoot of him working out, in a suite, and standing next to his pick-up truck. He actually changed three different times for the pictures. I even snapped a picture of him flexing his biceps on his bow flex. It was quite a bonding moment to upload his photos and proof read his profile.

Today, Dad has a new girlfriend and her name is Lydia. He seems to really like her and he has his smile back. She is a widow of eight years and they seem to get each other. I have no reason to be angry or upset, only happy that Dad is happy.

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