Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Collection of Posts- Short Version

There is a direct correlation between how busy work is and the frequency of blog posts. Work has restricted certain websites and my social networking has become more limited.

I have wanted to tell you about the time I blocked all texting from my phone. It lasted 9 days. I could also tell you about how the bulbs I planted have been blossoming beautifully. But, it has been crazy busy.

And of course, I could tell you about how I am losing my cool with da boyz. They pulled down my curtains and they break-dance on my coffee table. But then, I remember how eager they are for my kisses and how sweet they are by gathering flowers for me.

I have been asked what my next adventure will be. There is Dad’s wedding and RAGBRI next month. So much blogging material and so little time. I will continue to post as often as I can.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Da Boyz

Three weeks and three antibiotics later, I am finally feeling back to my sassy self. Now that I am feeling better, I can finish the story of my adventure.

After the canyon, I flew across America to meet da boyz. Yes, I flew from the Las Vegas to Orlando for a few days at Universal Studio. Exhausted from minimal sleep and twelve hours on an airplane, I managed to squeeze out a few more ounces of energy.

This is where you may be wondering who “da boyz” are. Well, it turns out that Ricky is not a blind eye doctor after all. Meet Jonathan, 8 and Joseph, 6. Watch out, I have some posers joining me.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


A few miles into the trip, we were given the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We had to say something unique about us to help the group remember our names. Of course, I am Barbie and her bike- the girl that road her bike across America. I am the solo traveler looking for adventure.

As things go, I made a new friend. Daryl was with his father and we quickly hit it off. He was first on the boat to fight the white water and nearly sprinted up any cliff as soon as camp was setup. It was easy to find adventure following the prints of his water shoes. Grab that rock hat he grabs and step on the rock that he steps on. We explored any place that guides pointed us to.

Sleeping on a cot, I was able to fall asleep looking at the stars and wake when the full moon crested the canyon walls. A snake sleep in the bush next to me, a few feet away. Yea, I sleep with the snakes.

Bed time was when it turned dark, at about 8 PM. We woke when the sun started to rise, at 5 o’clock in the morning. The crickets were real crickets and not my alarm clock on my iPhone.

By eight in the morning, I was standing on the edge of a cliff with a chance to jump. The guide went first, then Daryl, and then I was up. I said, “I’m kinda scared. Do I have to run and jump? Or, can I just stand and jump”? With people waiting, all I could do was jump. It was cold but worth it.

No, I did not want to sleep on a cot, pee in a river, and not shower for three days; but I did want to find adventure. I went outside my comfort zone and had an experience that I would not have had any other way. With the help of someone in front of me, I was able to sleep without a tent and climb higher than my comfort level would have allowed me. I discovered the scene of adventure in my soul. It was there all along but needed a little encouragement to get me over the edge.

In and Out

The meals are delicious! The crew is able to whip up eggs, bacon, and hash browns for breakfast along with blueberry muffins. Lunch is a sandwich or wrap. Dinner is a starter of shrimp cocktail followed by a steak.

There is so much food that half of it is easily not finished and thrown. It is either thrown out as trash or digested.

Everything that goes into the canyon must come out of the canyon. It is all about preserving the natural state of the canyon. I respect that. Better explained, if you pee in a bush, the sun bakes the urine, thus causing a bad smell and destruction of animals and plants.

Liquid waste goes into the river. Everything from toothbrush water, water that is not drunk, and, well, ALL liquid waste. A porter potty is setup for solid waste. Normally, the facility is setup so that a view provides a moving experience.

My only complaint was having to climb into the river when it is 50 degrees. The best part of the trip was the hike up to a waterfall and standing under warm water that was as close to a shower as I was going to get. At the end of the trip, I greatly appreciate the luxury of running water.


Let me start by telling you about the modes of transportation that I encountered- all to get into the Grand Canyon.

First, I hoped on a plane to get me to Las Vegas. Then I hoped into a taxi to get me to the hotel. A shuttle bus drove us to the airport. Next, we took a private plane flight to the helicopter launch pad, located on mile 285, on the Colorado River.

We then loaded on river rafts that floated us down 100 miles down the river and through the white waters. The Colorado River is a class three river and we sucked rubber on a few six to eight category rapids.

Around mile 190, a speed boat picks us up to ferry us to the dock, where a motor coach drove us three hours back to Vegas. Finally, I hoped back on a commercial flight back to San Antonio. Talk about a journey.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Before the Canyon

The travel day was pretty stressful. It started with not getting a boarding pass until the plane started to board. The flight attended said it was a full flight and grab the first open seat. The first open seat ended up being between two unattended children flying home to their father’s house for the summer. The eleven year old girl was self entertained; however, the six year old boy seemed to need extra attention. He called the flight attendant over twice before she said not to push the call button again unless it was an emergency.

His name is Nicolas. Nicolas told me that his father is in the Navy and that he didn’t die. After that, I let him tell me about power rangers and all their powers. We both wished that if we had a secret power, we would want to be invisible. After he was board with his games, I let him listen to some audio book on my Nook. The flight attendant offered me a cocktail for assisting. I declined. There will not be alcohol in the canyon, so why start now?

I am getting more than a little nervous about the helicopter ride plus the camping. This city girl does not camp. The weight limit is one, twenty pound bag. I have a thirty-five pound bag. After dinner I have to down size and I do not know where to start. The weather is forecasted to be 70 degrees for a high and 34 degrees for a low; cooler than I think this Texas girl can handle.

Along with the anxiety of not knowing what to expect, I am sad. Sad that I am doing this alone. Lonely that this experience is not going to be shared with a loved one. Overall, I think this will be a once in a life time experience.