Friday, November 30, 2012

A Few Things

So again we go to the store and max out the two credit cards to buy a “few things”; and yet again I give Mr. ICU a heart attack. I believe we will end up killing each other before the wedding, either by heart attack or by banging my head against the wall.
When Mr. ICU * suggested that I bring a few things to the home in Carrizo Springs to make it feel more like home,  I do no think he thought a “few things” would fill his truck AND my SUV.
The home is CS is painted blue on the outside and almost every room is painted a shade of blue on the inside.  Let’s call the CS house, the Blue House.  
CS is a small town and I especially like the idea of being able to ride my bike across the street to the meat market/grocery store.  Though the eighteen-wheeler traffic can be hectic at rush hour, they don’t seem to bother me much and I enjoy being outside.
If there is one thing CrossRoads prepared me for was being in a different hotel room for 50 days.  Being in CS for three days and SA three days gets me confused on where light switches are and whether the toilet has a button or leaver to flush- try that in the middle of the night, in a sleepy stupor.
The fun is just beginning and lots of new things are in the works. Planning a legal beach wedding, in Mexico, is at the top of the list.
*Mr. ICU = Ricky

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Ricky and I are in the merger and acquisitions stage of our relationship. It has been a cumbersome process of identify individual accounts and merging them into a joint accounts; especially since this individual has been an “individual” for way too many years to count.

Being the self proclaimed Chief Operating Officer on the Board of Directors of this partnership; I executed my buying power to purchase home furniture and maxed out two credit cards. The magnitude of the situation clicked when I realized I ran out of money for a wedding dress. Sudden panic, hives, and hyperventilation started to overcome me.

To my comfort, Ricky posted the update on Facebook so that the whole world would be privy to current acquisition. Two days later, freak out mode has been minimized and additional funds have been acquired to start planning our wedding.

I could sit here and grip about Ricky being too involved and being more of a groomzilla than I am a bridezilla; but truth be told, he is excited. Correction, WE are excited about planning OUR life together. It is an exciting time to be transiting to a “we”, an “us”, and “joint partners”.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


We spent the weekend fishing with Da Boyz. 
Is it really called fishing when you do not use bait? 
Either way, we still had fun. 

If it isn't Ricky or Roxy, there is always a little man to cuddle with.
Sitting on the beach, I am happy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Halos at night have become a problem. 
I broke down and now wear glasses when it is dark outside. 
My fiance gave me an eye exam.
Look into my eyes.
Do I make your hot tamale rise?
In case I need to be more clear,
I am showing you my ring not my eye glasses.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


A stranger once told me that hip and trendy nail polish colors makes a lady look at least ten years younger. That along with the thoughts in my head make me believe that I am still in my twenties.
Would someone please notice my toes already?

Looking down at my colorful toes, I smile all day long.  The colors brighten my day especilly when I remember skipping through the parking lot with JoeJoe.
Let's see what path my feet lead me on this week...