Monday, August 24, 2015

7 Months

Growing off the charts, Nathaniel is now seven months old.  We are still not sleeping through the night and I have him sleeping in the bed with me.  One day soon, that will change. Mark. My. Words.

Since I am a walking zombie, I am desperately searching for a Mother's Day Out program and looking for a reliable sitter.  I have learned that with most programs, I should have registered Nathaniel when I was pregnant. Who knew.

Let me introduce you to Korosh, my friend since college.  We never have been in a situation where I could see him with children until I introduced him to Nathaniel.  I was totally shocked to see how good he is with children.  After all this time, I never knew he is like a baby whisperer.  If only the babysitters I have been interviewing had half the magic as he does. 

Here is to good friends.  Even though we may see each other once a year, we always pick up right back where we left off. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Barbie and her bike now has Barbie and her baby. 

This is the bike that I rode across America on. I had to lower the seat way down so that my feet would touch the ground.  The seat was difficult for me to install so I ask a neighbor for an extra pair of hands.  After that, we were ready to roll.  However, my knees hit the back of the seat and I am getting used to the extra weight.  

For our first ride, we only rode up two houses.  Next time, I will ride earlier in the day when it is not so hot and after Nate's new infant bike helmet arrives.  Who knew that infant bike helmets even existed.

Ridin' on my friends.