Sunday, December 29, 2013

Entertaining Myself

Things are a little slow at work and it is to be expected with a new business.  We are discussing a new telephone system and we have 15 options on the announcement.  This is what I do to pass the time.

Press 1 to talk to Barbie about bike routes and upcoming bike rides.

Press 2 to talk to Barbie about cycling nutrition and gear.

Press 3 to talk to Barbie about yoga, gentle or hot.

Press 4 to talk to Barbie about gossip news  or the latest episode of Chelsea Lately

Press 5 to talk to Barbie about Facebook and status updates.

Press 6 to talk to Barbie about Twitter tweets

Press 7 to talk to Barbie about legitimate work requests.

Press 8 to talk to Barbie about a about getting a message to Ricky so you can talk to Ricky.

Press 9 to hear the menu again.

This is what I do.  I entertain myself with creating telephone menu options and crocheting.  Yes, that is how bad I need to entertain myself.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy

In a never ending attempt to maintain my youthful spirit, I remind myself to go outside and ride my bike. 

This Texas girl is gracious for Texas winter days and 71 degree weather.  This thirty-something year old gal enjoyed every moment of that thirty-something mile bike ride.  For the next 1.25 years, I will remind myself that I am still a thirty-something year old. 

The road passes under me and eighteen-wheelers honk their horns, and it is in these realizations where I wonder where the next year will take me.  Just this morning we spoke about the possibility of bankruptcy, but a few hours later spoke of a new account that would push us into capacity and staffing issues.  There are days that I think I will move my desk out of me and da misters shared office.  If I did that, I would not be able to get on the da misters nerves enough so he can release me off to an afternoon of bike riding.

We have spent an eleven day stretch in CS and I caught myself saying, “I want to go home”.  Then I remembered that home is where da mister is.  We could be in SA or CS and I always feel like I am home when da mister is here.

When I am out riding, I miss my mom.

On the road, I get excited about da boyz calling my new parents, “Grand Dad” and "Nina".

Behind each mile… 
I am happy, happy, happy.