Monday, April 28, 2014

April Funness

April is a good month for me and I have a hard time deciding on what is the better day to celebrate.

My wedding anniversary, April 12th.

Fiesta: 18 days of party time in the streets of San Antonio.

April 26th, my birthday!

Since I cant decide, I will celebrate them all the same.  Da mister still cant figure out why I like my birthday so much.  It must be that I grew up not going to school, having a holiday, and going to parades, on my birthday.  Age is just a number and I am having fun living it up.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bird Feeder

We decided to liven things up in the back yard by adding a bird feeder.  It has taken about two weeks for the neighborhood birds to get privy to free food at our house; but only the brave ones peck away as Roxy growls at them.
 Thinking back, knowing Roxy has a liking to chasing birds, maybe the bird feeder was meant more for her entertainment.  Roxy has caught a bird and dragged it in my house, through the doggie door.  All I know is that I came home to find bird feathers scatter around my kitchen.  She also caught a bird at the park.  This was a quick lesson for da boyz that it is a “dog eat bird” world out there and you have to be fast.
Don’t let this cute face fool you because she is ready to sprint off in a moment’s notice. The idea of birding while we eat breakfast has changed to seeing how fast Roxy can run the birds away.  

Saturday, April 12, 2014

1st Year Anniversary

April 12, 2014 is our first year wedding anniversary.  Now that we are officially past the newlywed stage we have gone from calling each other “baby” to endearingly referring to each other as “Viejo” and “Vieja”.

The first year of marriage has been agreeably the hardest as most couple report, especially since most of our relationship was spent seeing each other only on the weekends and sharing our weekends with da boyz every other weekend. There was a definite change in the dynamics of our relationship when we starting working together, sitting next to each other at work, eating all our meals together, and generally spending every minute of every day living, eating, and sleeping together. 

Three months ago, the fun was over and we both agreed that a little less together time was necessary for us to continue being so physically close every minute of every day.  Really, I am so not complaining.  (Or, am I?) This is not to say that we don’t love each other but a little more separate time was definitely in order.

Happily, I can report that we still cuddle when we sleep and it was just last week when I woke because I was having trouble breathing.  When I opened my eyes it was the mister using my chest as his sleeping pillow.  To date, I am not sure which is worse, him using my chest or my head as a pillow; since both have become common.  Did you know that an average human head weights eight pounds? Believe me; you do not want to wake up with eight pounds on your chest or on your head.

I hope to have the rest of my evening watching the sunset with da mister. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A year later

This was taken last year on March 20- da misters birthday.  He spent the evening framing the building. 

A year later this is the progress. 
The building has been framed, it has a roof, siding, electrical, AC, plumbing, and the floors are half way tiled.

The house in the back was knocked down and the two lots around the building have been cleared.

We still have sheet rock the lay, desks, storage, bathroom, and reception to take care of. As they say, all good things come in time.  We are moving slow but in the end we we own the building fair and square.