Thursday, June 30, 2011


This entry is for Hottie. It is special for him because it wasn’t until the day after the ride, that I realized how amazing he is.

Sometime between last year’s ride and this year’s ride, he found out that most of my riding time in 2010 was alone. Hottie had already completed the ride across America in 2009 and came back to ride with me in 2011 for the sole purpose of riding with me.

He flew from Liverpool to Champagne, rode with me 1200 miles, flew back home, and then in eight days, will fly back to California to ride the Death Ride for the second time. (Death Ride = 129 miles, 15,000 feet elevation, over 5 mountain peaks.)

He could have chosen to ride at a faster pace. He could have chosen to be the first person in each day but, he chose to ride with the turtle and be the last one in each day. When we were out on the road he slowed down and was never more than a foot away from me.

Sure, he might have stayed close to me because I had a cue sheet but he also could have ridden with the front of the group to get the same directions. I wasn’t always the best navigator and we were lost twice. My temper was short and it is now that I look back and regret that I gave him the silent treatment.

The day would start with a wakeup call. We would be on the road all day and then share our meal times together. After that, we would do laundry or hang out.

I didn’t always understand what he was saying. Would we go back and forth with, “what did you say” and “I don’t understand”, and “say it one more time”. I could figure out what he was saying when he was looking straight at me, but because of the bikes, that didn’t happen too often. He doesn’t show too much emotion and would walk away from my tears but that never meant that he didn’t care.

The night of the banquet, we sat by the lobby fireplace and shared some stories. He told me about how he values his family business and how he would take the shirt off his back to help his friends. It took me 18 days to figure out what a giving and caring person Hottie is and that he was doing what he does best- helping out a friend.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CR Friends

CrossRoad friends are lifers. These are the kind of friends that once you meet you will remain friends forever. There is a bond that unites us and keeps us glued together with each pedal and every mile.

It has been said that two hundred people a year attempt to ride their bike across America, supported and unsupported. We are a small number but our determination and will power is enormous.

Our stories are all different. We come from different parts of the world, from different cultures, and varied ages. We are untied because we have the same dream and desire- to ride a bike across America.

CrossRoads 2009:
Standing on the beach in May 2009, I did not know I would be so close to these people standing with me. My XC09 family is dear to my heart because I started this journey with them. It still surprises me the support I receive from them, even to this day.

CrossRoads 2010:
Although I am not in this picture, I feel so much a part of this group. This was the longest tour of 21 days and close to 1400 miles.

CrossRoads 2011:
These riders welcomed me as a rider from Champaign to Boston. This group is outgoing and lively and I felt right at home from day one.

With every mile we return to self and turn into kids again. We play out on the roads riding our bikes. We share stories, laughter and tears. It is never good bye but only I will see you again, soon.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Family

My family makes me, me. They are how I am and what I am about. I cherish each of them and feel so blessed that they would welcome me into Boston. It was a cold and rainy day and yet they stood there with open arms to welcome me. My father was the first one I hugged. It’s a time I will never forget. Its been fun reuniting with them and spending time with them. These pictures capture my family with their "Barbie and her bike... to Boston" t-shirts.

Lydia (Dad's girlfriend) and Popo.

My 86 year old maternal grandfather.

Wendy, Michael's girlfriend.

DAY 18: Sat June 25

We made it to Boston! It’s a departure day and the tour has officially ended. Since my family is here we will spend and extra day exploring downtown Boston and return to San Antonio on Sunday.

There are no miles to report, no time on bike, or even calories burned. I have to remember to pay for my meals and not walk out of a restaurant without paying. Breakfast was lonely this morning without the CR group to talk about the cycling day. I have to return to normal life and leave tour life as a wonderful memory.

Tour life is so different from real life. The only responsibility is getting on your bike and riding to the next hotel. Once you get to the hotel, its laundry, eat, and rest. That’s it. I know I will have trouble riding and driving in a car again. I get overwhelmed with wardrobe decisions when I have the option of more than three t-shirts and more than two pair of shorts. Not to mention on tour, I have only my cycling cleats and sandals. At home there are too many choices. Tour life makes things simple and easy.

Every morning, I call Hottie for his wake up call. Today, was the last morning I called him and I realized how much I am going to miss him. He has been my company for 1200 miles and distracted me when I did not want to ride. He is a true CrossRoads companion that will never let me ride alone.

There is still more to blog. But, for now…

Friday, June 24, 2011

DAY 17: Fri June 24

Today was the final ride to Boston, Massachusetts and we dipped our front wheel into the Atlantic Ocean. Remember, the back wheel was dipped in the Pacific. The journey is complete.

Total miles: 19.04
Time on bike: 2:10
Total calories: 955
Total elevation: 584

There is so much I want to blog about and I am filled with so much emotion that I don’t know where to begin. That moment when I knew the beach was within my viewing range was magnificent. To top it off, my family was standing on the corner to welcome me. Mom rode with me in spirit and I know she was with me with every pedal stroke.

This post will be short so I can clean my bike, clean me, and take in the moment.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

DAY 16: Thurs June 23

The ride was 91 miles into Burlington, Massachusetts. We crossed our Fourteenth and fifteenth State Line Crossing. Because my family was arriving today, I cut the ride short to meet them. Not to mention, it was raining and pouring.

Total miles: 61.48
Time on bike: 6:41
Total calories: 3978
Total elevation: 3078

Today, I was riding in the clouds. Literally, I was in the clouds and it was glorious. We had some pretty hard climbs but it was all worth it.

My family is here this evening and we have a group dinner this evening. It’s a big day tomorrow. We will ride our final 20 miles to the beach. Close, yet so far away.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DAY 15: Wed June 22

We rode into Brattleboro, Vermont, 76 miles. It is the Twelfth State Line Crossing, in Vermont’s Green Mountains. The scenery is amazingly beautiful. Total elvation gain for the day is 6200 feet.

Total miles: 35.12
Time on bike: 3:54
Total calories: 1873
Total elevation: 1686

Somewhere about 20 miles into the ride, it started to rain. Then about 30 miles into the ride, it started to pour. The goal was to get to the Vermont state sign for the ceremonial picture. I got the picture but now I can’t get my camera to work. My phone and camera are soaked and I am unable to retrieve pictures off the media card. Maybe when I get home, I will be able to download. Hopefully, my equipment is salvageable. Yes, I did the plastic bag trick but the bag didn’t close right and an inch of water was in the bag with the camera and phone.

Once I reached an appropriate and safe spot, I call the SAG. My shoes were filled with water and nothing on me was dry. The decants on slippery wet roads were more that I wanted to bear today. Boston is too close and I didn’t want to risk injury to me or my bike.

On the up side, its 3PM as I type this. I am finally warm, laundry done with plenty of time for a nap before party this evening. (Dave and Adriane are having cheese and crackers in the lobby for us. That is about as fancy as we get here on the road.)

Oh, and a special happy birthday to my wonderful big sister. Angela, I love you dearly!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DAY 14: Tues June 21

69 miles to Albany, NY but we got lost again and ended up with 80 miles.

Total miles: 80.42
Time on bike: 7:22
Total calories: 3721
Total elevation: 2123

Today’s post is going to be real short. I am exhausted from riding all day and only have 45 minutes until route rap and dinner. Something tells me I will be in bed early and up early again tomorrow for a long day of climbing.

We passed by some early settlement cabins and the beginning of the route. It was cool to be in a place where others were so long ago. There are great, green, scenic views.

We passed the Mohawk region.
We rode through Schenectady and I was afraid to stop at the stop lights.
The owner of a corner store gave us free drinks, since we rode so far.

We ended up on a 5 lane road with rude New York drivers. (Is there any other kind of New York driver?) The traffic and being lost wore on me.

Oh, and I had 80 views on my blog yesterday. That made me smile so big! Now, you must become a “follower” so I know who I actually stopping by.

Monday, June 20, 2011

DAY 13: Mon June 20

Hottie offered to moon me if I needed material for my blog. That being said, I have looked into my bag for something to entertain you.

The route is 78 mile to Little Falls, New York, however my left/right skills did not work well today and we took the scenic route. We were off route when I wanted to tell Hottie, “get off the F’ing phone and help me figure out where we are!” I didn’t because I knew full well he didn’t have a clue. The pressure of keeping us on course gets to me. Knowing I can call SAG at any time is comforting and they are quick to get us back on the path.

Total miles: 83.94
Time on bike: 7:39
Total calories: 3439
Total elevation: 1656

Good news today… Tracy has something special for me. It’s not the big map but its something. It put me back in my happy bubble. That along with good knees and good gears makes Barbie real happy.

The SAG divas, Paula and Debbie were moonlighting being match makers. In Erie, Frank joined the group and they were secretly organizing his room across the hall from mine. Everyone in the CR group was aware of their intensions and started whispering when Frank and I had a chocolate milk date. Sadly, the divas left the tour early and Frank left with them.

Today, we rode by a church that looks like a castle and the smallest church. It sits two people and you have to take a boad to get to it.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

DAY 12: Sun June 19

We rode 68 miles to Syracuse, New York, the home of the women’s right hall of fame and the birthplace of Memorial Day. We passed by the Erie Canal Park and it was very scenic. As my ole friend Herman Floyd would say, “It don’t get any better than this.”

Total miles: 70.22
Time on bike: 6:19
Total calories: 3204
Total elevation: 2454

My knees are holding up. I am convinced it’s my gears and I keep pounding the pedals. I am not used to the terrain and climbing so I keep grinding it out more than I should.

68 miles and 6 hours on the bike and I am trying to forget about the map incident. I am still sore about the map. I know, I know, I keep telling myself, “Let it go”. I remind myself that I have a map and a black marker at home and I can make my own map. Hopefully, I will get over it by Boston.

When we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted with “Welcome Crossroads Cyclst” on our door. There is not much going on other than riding, eating, and some much needed laundry that needs to be done.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

DAY 11: Sat June 18

We rode 94 miles to Canandaigua, New York. We crossed the 3000 mile mark across America. It took three years but I am finally doing it- I am riding my bike to Boston. My knees hurt from grinding out the hills but overall I am doing well.

Total miles: 96.4
Time on bike: 7:15
Total calories: 4589
Total elevation: 3354

At about 60 miles into the ride, the road stopped. The rode just ended. Did I pay for this little adventure and hike in the middle of a bike ride? When I saw what we had to climb down I stopped and stared thinking there was no way I was getting across. Right when I think I can’t do something, I dig deep and something inside me finds and way.

Notice the jersey? Today, Hottie and I rode our Texas jerseys. Don't mess with Texas!

My happy bubble was busted today when Tracy told me I would NOT get the map. I must have been putting too much weight on this trophy symbol because I took the news really hard. (I will stop typing now because I don’t want to post something that I will regret later.)

Friday, June 17, 2011

DAY 10: Fri June 17

We rode 78 miles to Hamburg, New York. We crossed our eleventh state line crossing into New York. It was a great day to ride with overcast clouds and a 6 mph west ward wind. Lake Erie was on our left side and vineyards lined the road to the right. Talk about an awesome riding day.

Total miles: 80.65
Time on bike: 5:43
Total calories: 3990
Total elevation: 1838

Today I opted to leave the shuffle in my bag and talk to Hottie. I think we are getting on the others nerves. He still says I am like a wife, bossing him around, taking his wallet, and not having sex. Our conversations are like this and they go on all day.

Harry: Do you want to stop for coffee?
Me: No, I am good.
Harry: What does that mean?
Me: No, I don’t want coffee. Do you want coffee?
Harry: Let’s move on.
Me: Do you want to stop? This maybe the last place to stop for the next 20 miles. Why did you ask me to stop if you didn’t want to stop?
Harry: (eye roll) Is my seat loose? Would you call the SAG so I could use their tools?

I have not added up the total miles to date but I know it’s a bunch. My days are running together and I am not sure what date it is. I do know I will be in Boston in one week. Just a week more of riding and I am trying to savor each mile. The right combination of ice and meds is making the days much more enjoyable and I feel better. I am in the grove and getting up to pace with the rest of the group.

As I ride, I am still waiting for an epiphany. All the while, I am considering getting this blog and turning it into a book. It is just a thought but something I am thinking a lot about.

The routine of tour is kicking in. Sleep, eat, ride. Eat some more, ride some more, eat some more, and then sleep again. I ate a 1500 calorie burger the other night at dinner, not including the salad, fries, and milkshake. Every day there is strawberry milk or a vanilla shake used as a recovery drink. Every night it is a different hotel and a different room number. If my card doesn’t work, then I know I am in the wrong hotel and possible at the wrong room.

Mom is always on my mind but not in a sad way. She is with me in spirit and I can feel her guiding me. I am in such a happy place knowing she was my best friend and confidant. I am lucky to have had wonderful conversations with Mom, which made it easy to get the cycle of life flowing in full circle.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

DAY 9: Thurs June 16

It is a REST DAY!!!

We are in Erie, Pennsylvania and it is a much needed rest day. Today is all about massage, chiropractor, and sleep. The chiropractor I used is: and a masseur is located in his office as well. I may or may not see the sights as rest is a priority. My laundry is all clean and I will lighten my luggage and mail some unused cycling gear home.

I am enjoying all the comments and posts either here and on FB. Sorry that I don’t always get to respond back but know that I am reading them.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DAY 8: Wed June 15

We rode 89 miles to Erie, Pennsylvania and the tenth state line crossing.

Total miles: 89.7
Time on bike: 7:12
Total calories: 4370
Total elevation: 1765

Wow! We crossed into Pennsylvania and it is starting to feel more real. The day was gorgeous, a perfect riding day for riding. My knee is almost back normal size. I feel like I am finally catching up to the group and enjoying the dirty jokes at the SAG stops.

Today I made PB&J for Hottie and me. He said they looked horrible. Personally, I thought he would be more grateful since I carried them in my jacket all morning. We enjoyed our picnic on the side of the road and he took a five minute siesta.

There were lots of Amish. I spotted 3 buggies, a horse drawn tracker, and a barn full of school kids. The simplistic way of life is refreshing.

The highlight was a stop at a root beer stand. I had a burger and vanilla shake. George Bush (Not the ex-president. His blog is “Ride with George”) and I shared a dance to my song, “Barbara Ann”.

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. Tomorrow is a rest day and I anticipate being back to my old self in no time.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The ride is 91 miles to Niles, Ohio.

Total miles: 60.25
Time on bike: 5:37
Total calories: 2754
Total elevation: 1920

Yesterday, right after I posted my blog I sat at the end of my bed and noticed that my knee was the size of a golf ball. I totally freaked out and started to ball my eyes out. After conversations the doctor, I decided to SAG 30 miles into the first SAG taking some climbing out of the route.

This morning, my knee did not look so bad and riding smart made a difference in my spirits and my knee. Knee is close to being back to normal size.

Debbie and I had a blast in the van. We laughed. We cried. We took wrong turns and ended up in the candy store playing with a baby. The smell of fudge cooking was enough to give me that extra energy for the afternoon.

The horses and cows were all very curious and came to the fence to watch us ride by.

This post is short. Gotta hydrate, recover, and get on with it…

Monday, June 13, 2011

The route is 97 miles into Wooster, Ohio. We passed by the town of Funk and more Amish homesteads.

Total miles: 76.36
Time on bike: 6:45
Total calories: 3724
Total elevation: 2921

It made my day when I was offered a beer and massage this evening in room 307. I can’t believe I still “got it” if someone finds me attractive after a day of riding. Flattered, but no thanks.

My ego and pride had a fight today as I cried with knee pain. Technically, I did not break the rule and cry on the bike since my foot was on the ground when the pain kicked in. Some how I ended up on the ground and Paula threatened to call an ambulance. I rode about 5-10 more miles before I jumped in the van to the next SAG. After a PB&J, I rode the remaining miles in to the hotel.

Please, don’t worry about me. My spirits are up and emotional happy. I am managing the knee pain and I continue at my own pace, one mile at a time.

The rode goes on and I keep pedaling...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

DAY 5: Sun June 12

We rode 104 miles to Marysville, Ohio. It is the ninth state line Crossing with the final century of the tour.

Wind, wind go away
Turn ‘round and go the other way.

Total miles: 106.33 (Acording to Hottie's computer.)
My battery died on my Garmin, my stats until that point.
Total miles: 84.79
Time on bike: 7:09
Total calories: 3925
Total elevation: 2164

At breakfast, I had a talk with myself giving myself permission to SAG if I needed. I knew I could ride 84 miles, I had just done so the other day (was that yesterday?). The plan for the day was to ride 80, then ride 10, then ride 10 more, and then the last 4 miles. At each mile stone, I would evaluate and decide to ride or SAG from there.

The wind was in my face and I listened to A-Z on my shuffle, twice over. It is bike karaoke when you ride with me. The temperature was a cool 61 degrees. Arm warmers were too much but a rain coat just enough.

Hottie and I finally got some important communication skills down. I told him that he could stop asking me if I was OK and I would TELL him if I was hungry, had to water the plants, or needed a break. Also, I finally asked him if he was making statement or a question. He thought I had turned into his wife because I had been ignoring him. To my defense, I cannot always tell because of the inflect in his accent. He is the pilot and I the navigator. I call out the miles and turns, and he leads the way.

A highlight was my first sight of an Amish horse drawn carriage. Even from two miles away, we could hear the horse clicking down the street. I enjoyed seeing the neighborhood dogs and one that reminded me of my girl Roxy. Tomorrow, Tom Ryan an XC09, will ride with us for the day. He is going to go out with us and the “Dawn Patrol”.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

DAY 4: Sat June 11

We rode to Richmond, IN. 83 miles to the all American rose garden, home of 2,000 roses.

Ya wanna see my guns?

Total miles: 83.63
Time on bike: 6:19
Total calories: 4145
Total elevation: 1713

The day started with rain and then slowed to a drizzle. Soon after, the roads dried and a slight westward wind pushed us. Mom must have heard my prayers for I had a nice wind pushing me on to Boston.

Cheerleaders cheer us after the SAG stop and horse started horsing around, rather loudly, as we road by. The day was more pleasant and the miles ticked away with little pain. Once off the bike, I had a hard time walking from the knee pain. It seems like I can ride my bike with little pain but walking has become the problem. Overall, my body is adjusting to the saddle time and adapting to the tour life style.

It has become all about pain management. I live in compression pants and spend my down time in an ice bath or icing my knee. Sexy is out the window. My hair is lucky to get brushed one time a day and I have been four days without makeup.

Paula (pictured below) accused me of being sentimental and there is no disagreement on my end. I am so lucky to have been able to ride with her last year when we crossed the mighty Mississippi together. We also had each other to take the others picture as we cross into Illinois. This year she is SAG queen and enjoys her job more than anyone I know. (Her blog is: 2011 On The Road... And it is link on my blog roll.)

Friday, June 10, 2011

DAY 3: Fri June 10

48 miles into Indianapolis, IN

Total miles: 49.73
Time on bike: 5:00
Total calories: 2111
Total elevation: 1116

As for the sights… I don’t really remember any. We did stop at a farm for the SAG stop but everything is a blur. My knee is giving me pain and I am fighting with every pedal stock. There is a doc on tour and he is helping me manage the pain and inflammation. I am going to ride as much as I can with hopes of riding EFI, but it’s a slow go. Hottie has been riding with me, every mile and he has been good company. (Picture above)

My body is getting used to the saddle time and today after riding, I am spent. My body aces and I am tired. If I had three wishes, one of them would be to have clean cycling cloths in the blink of an eye. Second, a sore free body including booty and knee. Three, tailwinds the entire way.

Maybe Mom will hear my pleas and whisper to Him. It sure would be nice if He could turn the fan and give us a nice push to Boston.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

DAY2: Thurs June 9

Total miles: 79
Time on bike: 7:13
Total calories: 3306
Total elevation: 1739

We road to Crawfordsville, IN, 79 miles and it is the eighth state line crossing. We also changed into the Eastern Time Zone. We started the morning showing off our decorated helmets. Thinking that my fuzzy sticks would be a great and light weight idea, I wrapped about 50 of them all over my helmet. What I didn’t consider was the drag it would cause in the wind. By mile 20, I was un-wrapping those fuzzy sticks and leaving them for the wind to carry away.

The XC11 group is really nice and welcoming. They seem to all be friendly and bubbly. I did meet most of the on the rest day so that may also have something to do with all the smiles.

If Hottie could understand my English better he would have offered me cheese to go with my wine. It was windy (the open fields were no protection for the wind), my toes were numb from new shoes, (it took me 5 hours to figure out that I needed to loosen the straps) my knee hurts, and my I’m hungry complaints went on all day. I must have complained all day today. Hottie is being a good sport. Our conversations vary from the US postal system to the term “hanging out”.

It was 62 miles before I started to look for a bush/bathroom. That wasn’t good because I couldn’t consume enough water. Hydration and fuel was big for me and I couldn’t seem to get a good combination down.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DAY 1: Wed June 8 Champaign, IL

Through my sleepy eyes, it is becoming clearer that I am REALLY riding my bike to Boston. My nerves have gotten the best of me. I have not had a decent night sleep since Saturday and I am forcing food in my mouth to get fuel for the days to come.

As I blog this, I am at a four hour lay over and I share a couple of beers (yes, that is two to add to the count) with strangers at the airport bar. My t-shirt displays “Barbie and her Bike… to Boston” and the bartender gets everyone involved in the conversation. She yells to everyone “Barbie is riding 1200 mile on her bike to Boston.”

Darrell, Champ, and Hottie picked me up at the airport and then we were off to lunch. I have had a couple hours to mingle in the lobby and get my bike loaded up. Since Hottie is caring Boston (a stuffed dog) and Nemo (a fish tank) on his bike, it is up to me to carry the spare time. My flag is my XC09 flag that Karen rode to Boston in 2009. My gear is scattered all of my room but I will worry about that after dinner with 09ers.

The picutre features the XC09 group; Champ, Hottie, Me, and Darrell. Once I get into the grove and spend time one the road, I hope to make some intersting posts for my readers.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Barbie to Boston

My third and final tour across America brings me a mix of excitement and nervousness. This is the grand finale and I still doubt my strength. There are a handful of XC09ers joining me for part or all of the ride and their support have shown me the CrossRoad riders are friends that I will have a life time.

Today is my last day of work until June 27 and I will miss my home away from home and the friends that I spend most of my time with. I am thankful for my employer and manager for being flexible with my vacation time. I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to have this time to explore America.

I will miss my growing family. By growing I mean Dad’s new girlfriend, Lydia and Wendy, Michael’s girlfriend. (My nephew recently moved her from Alabama.) I will miss my girl Roxy and her paws kicking my side every night.

I wonder what the likely hood of getting Hottie to do laundry at the end of the day. Maybe if I get the coins and beer together, he might do the wash. Along with my stats for the day, I will include a new category. It will be: Total beer consumed at route rap. The goal, of course, is to only have one.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Thoughts to Ponder

After all the important questions of, “Where do you sleep and go to the bathroom?” are out of the way, other big questions are, “What do you do while you ride?” and “What do you plan to do after the ride?”.

Once finished with the ride, I plan to get “XC” tattooed across my current heart tattoo. If I can go through the pain of riding my bike across America, I can go through the pain of anther tattoo.

This year I will have a shuffle and Hottie to ride with. They will be my entertainment while I ride. For you new followers, Hottie is from Liverpool. His real name is Harry but when he pronounces it, his thick British accent sounds like Hottie. I am making a promise to myself that Hottie will not twist my arm into more than one, yes one, bud light a night at route rap.

I have given myself things to resolve and questions to ponder as I ride. To start, here are a few things, also knowing that there may be more that come up along the 1200 mile journey.

- Wouldn’t it be possible to quit my job and travel the world for a year or two or three? Could I go sail somewhere for an extended period of time?

- Barbie wants a baby. I need to find me a good baby daddy. Barbie the bachelorette needs a good bachelor to give a rose to and possibly have a life with.

- Thank goodness I don’t have the relationship stress from the past couple of years. Though I am not heartbroken, there is healing that needs to happen. I need to heal my heart enough to move on for a new relationship.

- What will be my next big adventure? Travel across individual states? Or, across another country?

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Reverend

There was a defining moment in my life when I realized if I wanted to dance with someone, I had to ask them because they may never ask me. The first time I had the courage to do so; I asked Henry Jenkins, or The Reverend. He is not really a Reverend, in fact far from one. Six years later, we are still dancing together.

The Reverend wrote a book and I am so proud of him self-publishing it. (I am loosely written into the character Juliana). He singed my copy of “The Chicken Shack” and the inscription brought me back to the first night we danced together. I told him “I want to dance with you!” To this day, I am still known for picking out the best dancer in the joint and dragging him to the dance floor.

“The Chicken Shake” is a murder mystery that I absolutely was sucked into and could not put down. It reads close to my heart because so many of the places in the book are places here or around San Antonio. Not sure how The Reverend pulled so many strings but the book is already available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kindle. Soon, he will be doing a book signing in town and a radio interview on a radio station in New Braunfels.

Way to go Cat Daddy! I LOVE the book!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

On-line Dating

Dad mentioned he was on-line about two months ago. I thought me meant that he was on FaceBook. When he asked me to take pictures of him to place on his profile on, I was totally wigged out. Freaked out, shocked and floored- all at the same time.

We did a photo shoot of him working out, in a suite, and standing next to his pick-up truck. He actually changed three different times for the pictures. I even snapped a picture of him flexing his biceps on his bow flex. It was quite a bonding moment to upload his photos and proof read his profile.

Today, Dad has a new girlfriend and her name is Lydia. He seems to really like her and he has his smile back. She is a widow of eight years and they seem to get each other. I have no reason to be angry or upset, only happy that Dad is happy.