Saturday, June 25, 2011

DAY 18: Sat June 25

We made it to Boston! It’s a departure day and the tour has officially ended. Since my family is here we will spend and extra day exploring downtown Boston and return to San Antonio on Sunday.

There are no miles to report, no time on bike, or even calories burned. I have to remember to pay for my meals and not walk out of a restaurant without paying. Breakfast was lonely this morning without the CR group to talk about the cycling day. I have to return to normal life and leave tour life as a wonderful memory.

Tour life is so different from real life. The only responsibility is getting on your bike and riding to the next hotel. Once you get to the hotel, its laundry, eat, and rest. That’s it. I know I will have trouble riding and driving in a car again. I get overwhelmed with wardrobe decisions when I have the option of more than three t-shirts and more than two pair of shorts. Not to mention on tour, I have only my cycling cleats and sandals. At home there are too many choices. Tour life makes things simple and easy.

Every morning, I call Hottie for his wake up call. Today, was the last morning I called him and I realized how much I am going to miss him. He has been my company for 1200 miles and distracted me when I did not want to ride. He is a true CrossRoads companion that will never let me ride alone.

There is still more to blog. But, for now…

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  1. If only life could be as simple and easy as a long distance bike tour...I ran into Tom R. this morning - both of us on bikes but going opposite directions - and he asked to pass along his congrats to you.