Sunday, June 12, 2011

DAY 5: Sun June 12

We rode 104 miles to Marysville, Ohio. It is the ninth state line Crossing with the final century of the tour.

Wind, wind go away
Turn ‘round and go the other way.

Total miles: 106.33 (Acording to Hottie's computer.)
My battery died on my Garmin, my stats until that point.
Total miles: 84.79
Time on bike: 7:09
Total calories: 3925
Total elevation: 2164

At breakfast, I had a talk with myself giving myself permission to SAG if I needed. I knew I could ride 84 miles, I had just done so the other day (was that yesterday?). The plan for the day was to ride 80, then ride 10, then ride 10 more, and then the last 4 miles. At each mile stone, I would evaluate and decide to ride or SAG from there.

The wind was in my face and I listened to A-Z on my shuffle, twice over. It is bike karaoke when you ride with me. The temperature was a cool 61 degrees. Arm warmers were too much but a rain coat just enough.

Hottie and I finally got some important communication skills down. I told him that he could stop asking me if I was OK and I would TELL him if I was hungry, had to water the plants, or needed a break. Also, I finally asked him if he was making statement or a question. He thought I had turned into his wife because I had been ignoring him. To my defense, I cannot always tell because of the inflect in his accent. He is the pilot and I the navigator. I call out the miles and turns, and he leads the way.

A highlight was my first sight of an Amish horse drawn carriage. Even from two miles away, we could hear the horse clicking down the street. I enjoyed seeing the neighborhood dogs and one that reminded me of my girl Roxy. Tomorrow, Tom Ryan an XC09, will ride with us for the day. He is going to go out with us and the “Dawn Patrol”.

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