Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DAY 15: Wed June 22

We rode into Brattleboro, Vermont, 76 miles. It is the Twelfth State Line Crossing, in Vermont’s Green Mountains. The scenery is amazingly beautiful. Total elvation gain for the day is 6200 feet.

Total miles: 35.12
Time on bike: 3:54
Total calories: 1873
Total elevation: 1686

Somewhere about 20 miles into the ride, it started to rain. Then about 30 miles into the ride, it started to pour. The goal was to get to the Vermont state sign for the ceremonial picture. I got the picture but now I can’t get my camera to work. My phone and camera are soaked and I am unable to retrieve pictures off the media card. Maybe when I get home, I will be able to download. Hopefully, my equipment is salvageable. Yes, I did the plastic bag trick but the bag didn’t close right and an inch of water was in the bag with the camera and phone.

Once I reached an appropriate and safe spot, I call the SAG. My shoes were filled with water and nothing on me was dry. The decants on slippery wet roads were more that I wanted to bear today. Boston is too close and I didn’t want to risk injury to me or my bike.

On the up side, its 3PM as I type this. I am finally warm, laundry done with plenty of time for a nap before party this evening. (Dave and Adriane are having cheese and crackers in the lobby for us. That is about as fancy as we get here on the road.)

Oh, and a special happy birthday to my wonderful big sister. Angela, I love you dearly!


  1. Barbie,

    Two years ago on your same ride today it rained really hard going downhill and all I thought about was not falling down.

    One more long ride tomorrow and then a short one to Revere Beach.

    Be safe and enjoy !!!!!!!

  2. Important to be safe - you are only a couple of days from your victory dance....May the sun shine on you tomorrow. Bob

  3. It was pouring in 2006 and I made it only 8 miles. Some of the finishers said it was their worst and scariest day on a bike. Be safe the last 2 days.