Monday, June 6, 2011

Thoughts to Ponder

After all the important questions of, “Where do you sleep and go to the bathroom?” are out of the way, other big questions are, “What do you do while you ride?” and “What do you plan to do after the ride?”.

Once finished with the ride, I plan to get “XC” tattooed across my current heart tattoo. If I can go through the pain of riding my bike across America, I can go through the pain of anther tattoo.

This year I will have a shuffle and Hottie to ride with. They will be my entertainment while I ride. For you new followers, Hottie is from Liverpool. His real name is Harry but when he pronounces it, his thick British accent sounds like Hottie. I am making a promise to myself that Hottie will not twist my arm into more than one, yes one, bud light a night at route rap.

I have given myself things to resolve and questions to ponder as I ride. To start, here are a few things, also knowing that there may be more that come up along the 1200 mile journey.

- Wouldn’t it be possible to quit my job and travel the world for a year or two or three? Could I go sail somewhere for an extended period of time?

- Barbie wants a baby. I need to find me a good baby daddy. Barbie the bachelorette needs a good bachelor to give a rose to and possibly have a life with.

- Thank goodness I don’t have the relationship stress from the past couple of years. Though I am not heartbroken, there is healing that needs to happen. I need to heal my heart enough to move on for a new relationship.

- What will be my next big adventure? Travel across individual states? Or, across another country?

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  1. I'm sure sweet Nancy can offer some suggestions for future bike rides - she's been everywhere.

    Do you scuba dive? There's lots of warm water out there...