Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DAY 14: Tues June 21

69 miles to Albany, NY but we got lost again and ended up with 80 miles.

Total miles: 80.42
Time on bike: 7:22
Total calories: 3721
Total elevation: 2123

Today’s post is going to be real short. I am exhausted from riding all day and only have 45 minutes until route rap and dinner. Something tells me I will be in bed early and up early again tomorrow for a long day of climbing.

We passed by some early settlement cabins and the beginning of the route. It was cool to be in a place where others were so long ago. There are great, green, scenic views.

We passed the Mohawk region.
We rode through Schenectady and I was afraid to stop at the stop lights.
The owner of a corner store gave us free drinks, since we rode so far.

We ended up on a 5 lane road with rude New York drivers. (Is there any other kind of New York driver?) The traffic and being lost wore on me.

Oh, and I had 80 views on my blog yesterday. That made me smile so big! Now, you must become a “follower” so I know who I actually stopping by.


  1. This looks like an Amazing adventure...keep it up!

  2. Almost there! Take care and congratulations. It's been fun reading your blog. No more extra miles, okay!