Friday, June 10, 2011

DAY 3: Fri June 10

48 miles into Indianapolis, IN

Total miles: 49.73
Time on bike: 5:00
Total calories: 2111
Total elevation: 1116

As for the sights… I don’t really remember any. We did stop at a farm for the SAG stop but everything is a blur. My knee is giving me pain and I am fighting with every pedal stock. There is a doc on tour and he is helping me manage the pain and inflammation. I am going to ride as much as I can with hopes of riding EFI, but it’s a slow go. Hottie has been riding with me, every mile and he has been good company. (Picture above)

My body is getting used to the saddle time and today after riding, I am spent. My body aces and I am tired. If I had three wishes, one of them would be to have clean cycling cloths in the blink of an eye. Second, a sore free body including booty and knee. Three, tailwinds the entire way.

Maybe Mom will hear my pleas and whisper to Him. It sure would be nice if He could turn the fan and give us a nice push to Boston.


  1. Well, you are looking good and you have a great riding partner...don't let him talk you into too many bud lites. A couple of Advil, a good nights sleep and lots of "ointments"....Hang in there - lots of people cheering for you.

  2. Barbie - how is your cleat positioned? Talk to some of the more experienced cyclists and have them look at your position on the bike.