Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reality TV

For the past 23 days, I have managed to watch hours of cycling. Some days I even watched the replays up to three times. Now that the Tour de France is over, is there really anything good on television any more?

Jillian chose Ed in the Bachelorette. Daisy’s rock star is London. Risky is the winner of $100,000 on Charm School. Did you know that Brooke found a dog on the beach? It was big enough news that an entire episode of Brooke Knows Best was dedicated to the topic. Why have I become addicted?

It turns out that since I have started commuting to work; my evenings have turned into time to sit on the couch for ice and leg recovery. The easy thing has been to turn on the television. I have become sucked into reality television. Even as I sit there, I think this is ridiculous. Why do these people put their entire lives for millions of views? And why do I even care?

TIVO has made it tremendous easy to catch up on missed episodes and speeded up the time spent in front of the TV. Over the summer months, my usual shows are on break. I have convinced myself that CSI has to be more intellectual that strippers, rose ceremonies, and cat fights.

For the next week, I don’t want to turn on the TV. There has to be better things to do with my time. Roxy needs walks. I have a pile of books to read. There are family, friends and neighbors to visit. I doubt that I can make it through the weekend, but it’s worth a try.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


July 25th we celebrated my youngest nieces 6th birthday. It was a perfect location, at a pool. The kids were able to play in the pool and Aunt Barbie was able to work on getting rid of her biker short tan.

Kristiana Isabella Gallegos is my god daughter, and as with each of my nieces and nephews I hold a special bond with each of them. Kris is like my shadow. Most of the time when we eat, she is either in my same chair or in the chair next to me, as close as she can get the chair. She would be glued to me if she could. Monday, she sat on my foot and wrapped her body around my leg so she could walk when I walked.

It’s the innocence and playfulness of children that always brings me a smile. Happy birthday Kris!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


This week has been an overwhelming week of messages from Crossroad friends. It’s been a time of celebration, happiness, and for my friend Rich, some true sadness.

On my doorstep, I had a package. Come on now. Who does not like gifts? There was no return name just a packaging center address. After carefully cutting the package, it was hard to not recognize the yellow color. Willie had thoughtfully sent me a rain coat with the Crossroad logo, date, and places from the trip. I remember mentioning how much I loved his jacket but never expecting him to have one made just for me.

My Crossroads journey was for twelve days. Others road on for fifty days or joined for different tours and various durations. One rider was lost along the way. We remembered Charlie with stories and pictures. He took my picture because he wanted to send home a picture of the good looking lady on the trip. I can only smile as I remember him.

With deep sadness, my heart cries for Rich and his family for the loss of his father. While on the trip, he and I often spoke about our parents illnesses. I know the struggles and hurt. I can never say enough to give him comfort.

Crossroads was an adventure I wanted and never expected to meet such wonderful longtime friends along the way. Daily challenges and conversations, with a range of emotions, we will always remain in connected.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dam ‘09

There is a local triathlon in Alamo Heights that I was considering named Heights Dam ‘09. It’s an 800 meter swim, 2.5 mile run, and a 16 mile bike ride. Today, I found out that it is cancelled. Really, I am happy that it is cancelled. My body was not happy with the additional running and swimming miles added to my commutes and yoga sessions.

Earlier this week, I over heated on the way home. You would think that I have acclimated by now, but the 106 degree heat index had me feeling like I was going to end up falling over on the side of the bike. My ridding buddy, Bill, even made fun of me saying that I was so slow, my legs would not even move on the down hill.

While watching the tour, I noticed that in the lunch bags, there was a bag of ice in addition to the other nutrients. A rider placed a bag of ice under his jersey, on his neck. I tried it and it really helped with keeping me cool. Although it melted five miles into the ride, I made it home feeling like I had a great ride.

I am still on a high and find myself happy again. I have the day confirmed for the next leg of the cross America trip and I am already gathering a reunion ride. May 20, 2010 I will start in ABQ and ride to Champaign, Illinois. Its ten months away, yet it feels like I have something to look forward to.

Monday, July 6, 2009


While driving home from the gym, the rainbow in the sky was hard to miss. It seemed like an obvious reminder that God gives us beautiful things after such darkness. Something so simple, but it is what I needed to see after a hard and emotional week in court.

I can not tell you how many days since it has last rained in San Antonio, but it has been so long that we are in Stage 2 water restrictions and we have hit over 100 degree temperatures for the past 7 days. Yesterday, we broke the previous record of 100 degrees and we hit 104 degrees.

By the time I ate and digested my dinner, I had the crazy notion to start running. It was as the same time the down pour started. After half a mile, I headed home only to notice that Roxy wanted to keep on running. We were both soaked, having fun, and with the energy to keep moving. We finished with over a mile under us. Not bad for someone who has taken two years off from running.

Hidden inside of me, I found a burst of energy that lead me to swim three fourths of a mile. Depending on how I feel tomorrow and after my twenty mile commute to work, I may even consider do that triathlon I keep thinking about.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Le Tour

The Tour de France started yesterday. Roxy and I have been busy watching the hours of daily racing. Thank God for Tivo! The four to six hours of television is easily cut in half with a DVR. I enjoy watching the pros ride, their gears, the bike setup, and learning for the commentators. Not to mention the view. These riders get to see the best of so many different places.

This past week has held heavy on me. Though I am proud of the responsibility of my civil duty the burden has weighed me down. Monday should be the final day of court and Tuesday I hope to back to work and back to commuting. Out of respect to the court and all those involved in the trial, I have opted to not blog about the details of the case. Once the case is closed, I will be glad to answer any questions.

It has been a lazy Fourth of July weekend. There has been nothing too rowdy going on and no bikes miles that I have put in. The first in a few months, we did not even go dancing for First Friday.