Friday, July 10, 2009

Dam ‘09

There is a local triathlon in Alamo Heights that I was considering named Heights Dam ‘09. It’s an 800 meter swim, 2.5 mile run, and a 16 mile bike ride. Today, I found out that it is cancelled. Really, I am happy that it is cancelled. My body was not happy with the additional running and swimming miles added to my commutes and yoga sessions.

Earlier this week, I over heated on the way home. You would think that I have acclimated by now, but the 106 degree heat index had me feeling like I was going to end up falling over on the side of the bike. My ridding buddy, Bill, even made fun of me saying that I was so slow, my legs would not even move on the down hill.

While watching the tour, I noticed that in the lunch bags, there was a bag of ice in addition to the other nutrients. A rider placed a bag of ice under his jersey, on his neck. I tried it and it really helped with keeping me cool. Although it melted five miles into the ride, I made it home feeling like I had a great ride.

I am still on a high and find myself happy again. I have the day confirmed for the next leg of the cross America trip and I am already gathering a reunion ride. May 20, 2010 I will start in ABQ and ride to Champaign, Illinois. Its ten months away, yet it feels like I have something to look forward to.


  1. Barbie,

    Good to see that you are already signed up for next year. I am sure you will enjoy that part of the trip.

    As I am suffering withdrawls I am going to re-start my blog. Nothing as interesting as the actual trip, but I miss seeing everyone in the morning and at dinner.


  2. Am still enjoying your blog and am glad to hear you are signed up for next year. Very different segment from what you have done so far but challenging and beautiful in it's own way...and maybe you will get lucky and catch some tailwinds - we sure didn't.
    The leg is coming along - I'm allowed to put a little weight on it now - with the "boot" and crutches of course. The real long term battle will be the clot....And I'm with Ira - nice as it is to be home I miss seeing everyone at meals and on the road...