Monday, July 6, 2009


While driving home from the gym, the rainbow in the sky was hard to miss. It seemed like an obvious reminder that God gives us beautiful things after such darkness. Something so simple, but it is what I needed to see after a hard and emotional week in court.

I can not tell you how many days since it has last rained in San Antonio, but it has been so long that we are in Stage 2 water restrictions and we have hit over 100 degree temperatures for the past 7 days. Yesterday, we broke the previous record of 100 degrees and we hit 104 degrees.

By the time I ate and digested my dinner, I had the crazy notion to start running. It was as the same time the down pour started. After half a mile, I headed home only to notice that Roxy wanted to keep on running. We were both soaked, having fun, and with the energy to keep moving. We finished with over a mile under us. Not bad for someone who has taken two years off from running.

Hidden inside of me, I found a burst of energy that lead me to swim three fourths of a mile. Depending on how I feel tomorrow and after my twenty mile commute to work, I may even consider do that triathlon I keep thinking about.

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