Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weight Loss

It finally happened. I lost 270 pounds. It took me three and a half years but I lost the extra weight. Robert and I broke up.

This blog is not going to smash him. In fact, he is a really great guy and I am a really great gal but we are not great together.

So hence the beginning of the being single stories.

I was out drinking in a bar (isn’t that how all good stories start?) and I scope out the good dancer in the place. It is a talent of mine. I can always find the best dancer in the joint.

This particular night, the best dancer happens to be a young college guy that has had way too much to drink and is slapping his guy friends a$$. I think this guy is gay and when I ask him, he declares his name to be …. Well, I couldn’t really hear his name but I heard his last name as Faggot. (I’m serious. These are his words, not mine.)

Since he is gay, I quickly answered, “Yes” when he asked if he could lift me. Two beats later, he grabs my hips and picks me up. It felt pretty natural to wrap my legs around his waist. He begins to dip my head and I feel like I am riding a rodeo bull.

This is where the fun begins. In between drinking and dancing, I may squeeze in a ride or two. But for now, jumping around on the dance floor sounds like more fun.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do Over

Yes, I may have disappeared for a couple weeks. I have been figuring out a way to change the tone from the loss of Mom to something a little more uplifting. Adjusting has been hard, especially with the holidays quickly approaching. I do not want to be Debbie Downer any more.


Can I get a big drum roll please?

I have mailed in my deposit to complete the bike ride to Boston! Boston, here I come!!! June 8th I will start pedaling and will arrive on June 24.

My bike is on rest for November and December. January I will pick up my training again. Late night salsa dancing is order while my legs rest. Shaking, twirling, and drinking too much are on my agenda until then. Cheers!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tribute to Mom

These past few months have been difficult, to say the least. Vaguely, I remember friends preparing me for the hard times ahead. Not sure what they meant, I quickly figured it out.

Had it not been for Dad, I would have not known how to care for Mom those three months at their home. With his guidance, we were able to get her up a few times. Eventually, it was more than we could handle and we moved her to a hospice in-patient facility.

This was a grueling 12 day stay. Day in and day out, I watched her every breath. Her chest would rise and fall. I found myself holding my breath waiting for her next breath. This is where I learned that patients will not let go until their family has accepted their loved one will no longer be around. In my case, it was Aunt Daisy that was holding on to her sister.

Some days she would speak but those days were few and far between. After spending some time combing her hair and washing her face, Mom wiggled herself up and was lying on her elbow.

Me: You don’t look comfortable and you may hurt yourself. Why don’t you lie down?

Mom: Because, I don’t want to. (And this is where she sticks her tongue out at me.)

I am thankful for all the days that I was able to spend with Mom. I cherish every single memory I have with her and of her, even if my last memory is of her sticking her tongue out at me.

My grieving has been minimal since I have been grieving for the past two years. Adjusting to a life of not going to Mom’s or not visiting Mom has been the most difficult. Relief has taken the place of sadness. There is relief in knowing that Mom is not suffering and is no longer in pain.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Favorite Mom Pictures

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. After placing Mom in her final resting place, I am at a loss of words. Today’s post is a few of my favorite pictures of my mom in celebrations of her life.

Mom as a baby:

Mom in Junior High:

Mom as a high school cheerleader:

Mom as a young adult and dating Dad:

Mom as a Mom (I'm the baby):