Friday, December 28, 2012


You know you are tired when you go to work to get rest.
This morning, while I was at work, I caught myself searching the World Wide Web for yoga retreats and day dreaming of quite time. I wish to someday find a secluded yoga dojo. One that starts meditation at 6 a.m., yoga is practiced until the 10 a.m. break for breakfast, and one that serves an organic diet. I would even be willing to help with chores (ashram duties). But, it is hard to find one of those places because they do not advertise on the internet.
Mr. ICU has da boyz in Carrizo for two days and I am enjoying my alone time. There are no laser guns shooting, cartoons blaring on the surround system, and I even have the entire king size bed to just me and Roxy.
It is not a break from da boyz that I search for, but a break from the rush and busyness of the day. Yes, these are self imposed pressures and pressures from society that keeps me running in circles. I constantly promise myself that I will cleanse my soul, eat better, and get away from my iPhone, but I cannot away from the blinking light notifying me of a new message.
The place where I experienced this restful feeling was when I was on tour. The only responsibility is getting your clothes clean and getting your bike ready for the next day of riding- that is the only pressure of the day. No checking e-mail or Facebook. No watching the NEWS or Honey Boo Boo. I have had a taste of this blissful state and now I have a constant urge for this freedom and rest from the world.
Someday is a while away. For now, I will submerge myself in the book, “Eat Pray Love”, and pray about one day finding my spirituality in a remote yoga destination.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

The build up of Christmas is always an exciting time.  We had Santa visit us in his fire truck along with all his fireman helpers.
Roxy did her best to not get poked or punched. Two days in a row I found her shivering under the bathroom vanity.

We were dressed up for the Christmas children's mass, after all, Jesus is the reason for the season.

We sang Christmas carols and watched the Santa tracker.

JD made Santa cookies and left a personal note the read: For Santa.

Christmas morning the gifts were unwrapped and it all happened so fast. Christmas is not about gifts but the day we rejoice in our Saviors birth.
It has been a fun and festive time enjoying our time with da boyz and our families.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tucked In

 This weekend JD rode with me on the drive to Carrizo.  The whole time I thought he was listening to a video on his phone but it turns out that he was listening to me sing like nobody could hear me. 

Since JD gets to sleep with Optimus Prime, I let Rosie sleep next to me.  Santa had my new bike waiting for me in Carrizo.
Two days before Christmas and I hope you have as much joy and excitment as we do.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Wedding Budget

Smoke started coming out of the mister’s ears when I asked what our wedding budget would be.  It appears like I have touched on a sensitive subject.  The mister must not know that the average small wedding of fifty people is about ten-thousand dollars, not including the ring or honeymoon.
He says our honeymoon will be riding our bikes on the first leg across America. This is where I try to not sound too excited and play it casual because the wedding comes first, and then the honeymoon.  I will believe it when CrossRoads gets their down payment.  Whether the ride comes to fruition, Mr. ICU sure does know how to make this girls heart flutter with talks of long distance bike rides.
Relatively speaking, a Mexico beach wedding is much cheaper than a formal wedding. That statement does not ease the mind of the most practical person in the world- that person being Mr. ICU. This past semester he studied Virology Retinoblastoma and Electrophoresis (hopefully I spelt that right and put the capital letters in the correct spot).   He aces exams and writes reports to be published; I am also positive that he is smart enough to pull out that accounting degree and do the calculations for this wedding.
I totally get it. We have had a few large expenses recently; still, it’s a wedding and weddings are expensive.  I have been given strict instructions to not discuss the wedding expenses until after Christmas.  I bring it up mostly because I enjoy pushing his buttons. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Beg and Plead

I hate Polo green label cologne. Mr. ICU wears Polo green label cologne. What do you do?
A. Discreetly, buy your favorite cologne to replace every Polo green label cologne your man owns and say that you received a discount when you purchased perfume for yourself.
B. Not so discretely, have your best girl say, “No one wears green label cologne any more, I cannot believe you still wear green label cologne”.
C. Throw away any remaining bottles of green label cologne.
D. Beg and plead that he stop wearing Polo green label cologne.
E. All of the above
The answer is E.) All of the above.
Since all of the above has been unsuccessful, Mr. ICU says that if Chelsey Handler announces on her show how un-cool it is to wear Polo green label cologne, then he will finally believe that it is un-cool and he will stop wearing it.
Mr. ICU dares me to contact Chelsey herself and tell her the story. Little does he know that I follow Ross Matthew’s blog and Ross is a frequent guest host on “Chelsey Lately.”
If your reading this and you or someone you know still wears Polo green label; stop reading this and go throw away any remaining bottles. When you get back to your computer and start reading again, go to your preferred DVR of choice (mine is TIVO) and record “Chelsey Lately”. Watch every night at ten-thirty and wait diligently for her to say, “Polo green label is so un-cool. No one wears that $h!t anymore.”

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dear Santa

Back in July, I sat on your lap when I was riding RAGBRI and I asked you for a new bike.  Yes, I have been a very good girl this year.  If I have been naughty, it was in a very good way. Wink, wink. Does flirting with Santa help?

So back to this bike… 
Specifically, I would really like a new custom fit carbon fiber bike.  Is that too much to ask?  It would be perfect for all those long distance bike rides I plan to be doing.  But, I will settle for the cute looking cruiser with green and pink neon flowers painted on the frame.  It would be perfect for strolling through the country roads in Carrizo.
And, I would like a really good tan (in the words of Kenny Chesney); preferably while sitting on a white beach with Caribbean blue water waving at me. But, I will settle for biker short tan lines as I ride around on my new bike.
That is all, Santa.  I am not asking for that much.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Running Mate

The past two weeks I was off from work and rediscovered my running mate.Roxy and I have been inseparable. We run errands together and we eat together. Yes, that is correct.She eats when I eat.She sleeps next to me and snuggles with me when I lay around.
Our days were carefully choreographed and dog walks/runs became routine. I knew I was going too far when I caught myself saying, “I’m taking the d-o-g to the p-a-r-k.” I know she can tell when I am talking about her, so I spell it out to put shoes on without her biting my ankles in eager anticipation.
Her constant excitement about simple pleasures always brings me a smile. She sits on the middle console between the passenger and driver seat and lets the air conditioner blow in her face. Like in the above picture, I believe she is smiling.
When she does not received sufficient attention she drags her bed into the middle of the living room. And if that does not work, she pulls the laundry basket out from the bathroom. She gets mad when Mr. ICU kisses me. She stands at our feet and barks or runs between our feet until we reach down and pet her.
There is a bad case of separation anxiety going on and it may be me who is suffering the more severe case.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sleep Tight

How well did you sleep this past weekend?  Did your transformer get tucked in with his guns placed gently beside him? 
As for me, I did not sleep so peacefully.
  Between Joe kicking me all night and Jon punching me, it is hard to find a deep dreamily sleep. Not to mention Mr. ICU holding me with a death grip all night long, I have a permanent knot on my neck from sleeping with my head on his chest.
Really, I am totally not complaining.  I love being loved so much- even while I sleep.  Well, when I try to sleep.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


We were astronauts for the day as we visited The NASA Space Center in Houston.  The price of admission was worth the da boyz screams and smiles in the space flight simulator.

Da Boys crawled into Apollo and hung upside down while I was content looking from the outside and snapping a quick photo.
Mr. ICU is a wonderful father because he is dedicated to his every other weekend visits with da boys, and he never misses a visit. I feel so lucky to have waist hungers bombarding me all weekend. Our visits have evolved from da boyz walking with Mr. ICU all weekend to sleeping, eating, and holding my hand all weekend.