Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Beg and Plead

I hate Polo green label cologne. Mr. ICU wears Polo green label cologne. What do you do?
A. Discreetly, buy your favorite cologne to replace every Polo green label cologne your man owns and say that you received a discount when you purchased perfume for yourself.
B. Not so discretely, have your best girl say, “No one wears green label cologne any more, I cannot believe you still wear green label cologne”.
C. Throw away any remaining bottles of green label cologne.
D. Beg and plead that he stop wearing Polo green label cologne.
E. All of the above
The answer is E.) All of the above.
Since all of the above has been unsuccessful, Mr. ICU says that if Chelsey Handler announces on her show how un-cool it is to wear Polo green label cologne, then he will finally believe that it is un-cool and he will stop wearing it.
Mr. ICU dares me to contact Chelsey herself and tell her the story. Little does he know that I follow Ross Matthew’s blog and Ross is a frequent guest host on “Chelsey Lately.”
If your reading this and you or someone you know still wears Polo green label; stop reading this and go throw away any remaining bottles. When you get back to your computer and start reading again, go to your preferred DVR of choice (mine is TIVO) and record “Chelsey Lately”. Watch every night at ten-thirty and wait diligently for her to say, “Polo green label is so un-cool. No one wears that $h!t anymore.”

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