Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Call it writers block. Call it what you will but there is a void in the blog post department. It could be the lack of bike riding because, obviously, all my good ideas come to me when I am on my bike.

Let me get you up to speed with a quick post.

We made it through another holiday season with a new family.

Dad is getting married to Lydia this week. Yes, the same lady he met on-line. There is something so wrong about my dad meeting someone on-line and getting married- before me. Seriously, they are a perfect match and I couldn’t be happier for the young couple.

And me… well… Ya know…

I have a new beau with two little chaps. My Saturday morning bike rides have turned into early morning tickle fights and dinner has been more pizza than I have ever eaten in my whole life. Never did I think I could find more joy than discovering Scooby-Doo pajamas mixed with my cycling jerseys.

Here to wishing your New Year started with a bang.