Tuesday, December 22, 2015

11 Months

Often I am reminded of how time flies and to enjoy Nate while he is little. With intention, I do this daily. This months pictures was hard to take because Nate was moving, pulling the sticker off the elephant, flipping through his books and crawling all over the room. Although he is not looking at the camera, this was the best picture of the bunch. He definitely keeps me on my toes.

Though I have said that I never could have imagined myself as a stay-at-home mom, I am enjoying and cherishing every moment watching Nathaniel grow.  The key is to be open to see what is happening in front of you and not let the busyness of the day take over. 

We play with cars and not that I know how to "play cars", I just roll the wheels over Nate's back and it makes him laugh.  That's all I want to do it make him smile and laugh.

With an open schedule, we can go visit Grand-dad in rehab/physical therapy. (Not the the twelve step rehab, just to be clear.)  Nate lights up the room and my Dad goes crazy.  My Dad acts like a kid again and loves seeing his grand-son tear up the room.

Recently, I had the piano tuned and have since kept the keys uncovered.  Nate will crawl into the office and start tickling the ivory.  Who knows, we might have another Mozart in the works. 

My days end with nursing Nathaniel to sleep and praying over him.  I pray that God will bless my sons, guard them and protect them daily.  I pray that God will remain in their hearts and in their lives daily. I pray that God will be preparing a Godly spouse for my sons. I pray that they sleep well and fall asleep quick. I wonder if Nate will be active and like to run, bike and swim like his parents; or if he will be a homebody. Every night I shed tears of joy as I watch my baby fall asleep in my arms. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Parenting and being a mother is everything everyone says it will be.  The trick is finding new and creative ways of describing it. This is difficult for me because I do not consider myself a writer nor am I very creative. I am a big reader and enjoy learning by what other have to say and then I do my best to find my own words. 

Today was a big day in our house, all da boyz now have their own bedrooms.  When did they get so big and where is all the time going?  

When I meet da boyz, Jon was in the third grade and Joe in kindergarten.  They were tiny boyz and we would all snuggle up in a king size bed at night.  This worked for us for about six months before someone started getting pushed off the bed, usually da mister. Over the years I have seen them grow and mature.  One summer they are ordering from the children's menu and the next summer we do not even look at the kid's menu.

Now that Nathaniel has transitioned to his own room- in his own crib, I realized that all my boyz will be in their own rooms and sleeping in their own beds.  I am glad that my boys are growing and becoming independent but I must admit I miss the night time snuggles.