Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Collar

There was a slight mishap with either the new dogie door or the seat belt when Roxy jumped into my car to greet me.  We ended up in the emergency vet clinic to remove her outer most nail on her right back paw.
The collar lasted for the duration of the pain medicine and soon after she wiggled her way out. The day after she was running around as if nothing had happened.
Aside from that, Roxy seems to like the new house especially since there is more yard to run in and more squires to chase up trees. 
Baby Girl is back to her ol' self.
We hired a dog runner to help get her run  on. Yes, a dog runner not dog walker.  I turned into a nervouse first time mom and typed an extensive list of insturctions, dietary information, and overall exercise regime; all the while reminding myself that
Baby Girl is
... a
... dog. 
Did I just say that out load?  What can I say?  I love my dog.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Conquer the Coast, 2012

We rode into the sunrise together.

 Completed 70 miles around Corpus Christ Bay area.  We celebrated at the end and proudly wore our medals.
My sister suprised us on the road and snaped a quick picture and celebrated with us at end finish line.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


There are many reasons why I love having Da Boyz with us. One of them is they remind me that we are each individuals.  You can see it in our feet.  
I said, “Joe, put your feet down” three times.  The third time I might have even yelled in a mad step-mother way.   Don’t judge me.  You would have done the same if you wanted your family picture to come out perfect, on the second take after a swollen eye incident.   As you can see, he did not listen.  I appreciate that he wants to be different and do something that no one else is doing.   
All this made me want to start a list of reasons why I love Da Boyz.
   There is always someone to cuddle with.
There is always someone to ride my bike with.
There is always someone to dance with.
I always have an audience to watch my next trick, whether it be throwing skittles in the air and catching them in my mouth or water skiing and wiping out. They really like the wiping out part.
They are happy with microwave pizza and I never have to cook.  Don’t judge me-again.  The closest we get to vegetables are croutons from salad. I gave up on forcing food that they don’t like.
The list goes on but I will save them for another post.  Things are pretty good here on my end.  When the roof crumbles in front of me because Da Boyz are jumping upstairs, I am reminded how blessed I am to have a new house and a family to fill it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Maybe I am a bit narcistic. Facebook and this blog feed my thoughts that everyone wants to know what BarbieandherBike are doing, because my life is so darn interesting [insert sarcastic laugh].

BarbieandherBike are going places. facebook paged moved to BarbieandRicky, of course my name is first. Barbie and her Bike blog remain the same because I continue to take my bike along on life adventures.

Deactivating my facebook page has been freeing and my time has returned. I still write one liners in my head, which sum up my day; but then I realize how ridiculous it sounds that people would actually care about how Ricky and I spend every minute of our days, and then I decide not to post.

So, I will retreat to my blog. It is my outlet and my journey, for what I want to record in my life. It can be as private or public as I choose. It is my comfort zone, the place where I am the super star of my own life.