Thursday, December 15, 2011


I was too devastated at the loss of Mom to decorate for Christmas last year. If I were to have one wish, it would be to have peace and love in my life. I could never have imagined things would be oaky without having Mom around to share the holidays. It is true. Wishes do come true.

Christmas is a time of believing. Believing in hope. Believing that the impossible is possible. Christmas time is when you ask for something that you really want. Not what you need, but something your heart desires. It is a spirit of giving and helping others get their Red Ryder BB gun that gets me excited about Christmas time.

This year, I have hope and decorated two Christmas trees. Even more exciting is having the help of children to decorate. They believe for every tree that they decorate, there will be gifts under that tree. Their imagination and pure optimism is contagious. I am convinced Santa will slip something under the tree for me too and maybe, just maybe, I will get that Tiffany engagement ring that is on my wish list.