Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Expecting a baby is the hardest secret to keep.  Slowly, I am noticing my belly grow and my clothes are not zipping and buttoning any more.  I always told myself that I am going to be one of those bikini wearing Mommies sporting a big belly pump, so far, I have been true to my word.

I am three months along and BabyBaby is the size of a lime.  As of yet, we do not have a gender but we are hoping for a girl.  Her name will be Gabriella Marie (or Maria), Gaby for short.  

We really wanted to tell da boyz first before we shared our baby news. Overall they took the news well and now they are super excited to be biggest and big brothers to the baby that is in Barbie's Belly.

The hardest transition for me has been that I am not riding my road bike any more.  My doctor is pretty conservative, and considering my age, we are playing it safe to keep BabyBaby protected.  For the next nine months, I will be #barbieandherbaby instead of #barbieandherbike.  

Come ride the journey of life with me.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Progress

The summer is progressing with great strides.  We found our routine and a chore list so the days are flowing smoothly.

We have attended Vacation Bible School where I volunteered in the Arts and Crafts room.  There I was in charge of 13 teenagers (only one boy),  who lead the group activities- now that is some teenage drama.  

Da kidz practiced and synchronized their jumps.

They slid down water slides.

They swim at Grand-dad and Nina's pool for four to five hours at a time.

Last but not least, the boyz are learning martial arts. Here Joe is sporting his proudly earned white belt.

Jon is showing off the board he broke.  This is such a memorial day for the entire family because Jon acknowledged me as his "step-mother" for the first time- in front of the entire class, AND he earned his white belt, AND he broke a board.

In martial arts we are learning three main principles: 
1. Respect.  Respect for yourself, your parents, and all those around you.
2. Mind control.  You can control your thoughts and actions.
3. Speed

These are great lesson for da boyz and they are improving daily with their instructions. 

Wishing you a fun and safe rest of the summer. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Summer is upon on and we have been getting ready to pick up da boyz for our summer extended visit. Being the organizer that I am, I have compiled a daily schedule of activities and meal options, along with a chore list.  Maybe I have gone overboard with all my lists; but on the other hand I realize that it is a loose schedule. Personally, I am looking forward to fun in the sun all summer long.  

Monday, May 26, 2014

CS Park

Roxy and I found the Carrizo Springs Recreational Park and it has turned into our new favorite spot.  There is a one mile track around a lake with various workout stations spread through out the track. Typically, I walk and watch Roxy run.

There are lots of animals too.  Check out the jack rabbit located between 12 and 1.

The border patrol keeps the stables close and the horses are always a relaxing view.

I was glad that Roxy did not notice the turtle crawling across the field.

The guys playing basketball stopped to watch Roxy run through the lake chasing birds and ducks.  She is super fast. 

The day is complete as I watch the sunset over the lake. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Self Sabotage

As I read through the new feed on Facebook, I sat on the couch and put myself through a self-sabotage session.  “Happy Mother’s Day” was all over the place. I tried to make the best of the situation and organized a family day at our house, but Nina cancelled.  My bonus mom (bonus mom is my new word for step-mother) just cancelled Mother’s Day and I started missing My Mom terribly.

A Half dozen close friends wished me Happy Mother’s Day but I feel far from a mother.  A mother to Roxy, yes.  A hopeful and wishing I were an expecting mother, yes. A step-mother, yes.  But, not a real mother. Which begs the questions: What is a real mother? 

The list of endless responsibilities a mother has is endless but the one that tops my list is a friend.  This is where I start missing My Mom again.   No amount of floor tiling, walking Roxy, or cooking can erase the feeling. There seems to be no replacement.

So yet again, I put myself through another self-sabotage session and I started going through blogs from the CrossRoads riders for 2014.  As traditional has it, the ride in LA always starts on Mother’s Day. I remember 2009 and the excitement of dipping my wheel in the Pacific. 

I could sit here all day being sad or get back on my bike to cheer myself up.  

Monday, May 5, 2014

It Never Gets Old

It never gets old celebrating my birthday.

I just love

celebrating my birthday

and eating birthday cake. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

April Funness

April is a good month for me and I have a hard time deciding on what is the better day to celebrate.

My wedding anniversary, April 12th.

Fiesta: 18 days of party time in the streets of San Antonio.

April 26th, my birthday!

Since I cant decide, I will celebrate them all the same.  Da mister still cant figure out why I like my birthday so much.  It must be that I grew up not going to school, having a holiday, and going to parades, on my birthday.  Age is just a number and I am having fun living it up.