Sunday, September 14, 2014


While growing up, we had a neighbor that lived to the left of us.  My mom befriended and nursed Linda for many years until Linda's death.  Mom always had a way of opening her heart to so many people and doing anything in her will to help that person.  My mom loved the way Linda’s grandchildren adorn fully referred to Linda as “Granny”.  My mom loved the name so much that she insisted that her grandchildren refer to her too as, Granny. 

Today, I wanted to tell my mom that she is going to be a Granny again.  I am confident that she already knows, but Granny, you are having another grandson. The maternal21 test and my last ultrasound confirmed that I am indeed having a BabyBoy.  Last night, while I settled in for the night, I felt BabyBoy move for the first time.  It was as magical as everyone says it would be and I wish I could have called you to tell you.

I always try to look forward and embrace the acceptance of my bonus mom, Nina.  All the things that I always dreamed my mom doing, Nina has naturally stepped into shoes that I thought nobody would ever fill. Ironically Nina wants to be called “Grammy” by her grandchildren.  BabyBoy, you are going to have wonderful memories of your Granny and your Grammy. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Half Way

The thing about pregnancy is I can use it as an excuse for pretty much anything and it works ALL the time. 

·         If I’m running late, it is because “the baby” is tired and we were taking a nap.  One day I slept until noon and I have not done that since my college days.
·         If I am eating too much, it is because “the baby” is hungry and I have to feed him. 
·         If the music in the car is too loud, it is because I am trying to provide culture for “the baby”.  He can hear, after all.
·         If I eat too much desert, it is because “the baby” wanted something sweet.

The list can go on and on. 

For me, pregnancy has taken some time to get adjusted to.  I cannot work out as much as I used to because my energy is not there. I get dizzy more often and I am slowing down.  Usually thirty-minutes is about all I can take at one time.  To adjust, I work out in 30 minute increments, once in the morning and once in the evening. 

I used to be able to run around all day doing the this’s and that’s that make up life, but these days I have to tell da mister to slow it down or leave me at home.  I get bummed out because I hate feeling like I am missing things; but I have to save my energy for the most important thing of the day - whatever it is that day.

We have hit a mile stone and I am twenty weeks along, half way through my pregnancy.  It is hard to believe that there is another human, a baby boy, growing inside of me.  To date, I still have not felt him move.  But, I know he is there because we hear his heart beat at the doctor’s appointments.

Often I hear ladies say that they love being pregnant.  I can not say that but I am not miserable either.  I have had six days that I stayed in bed and only two week of being queasy at weeks six and seven.  Pregnancy for me, has been pretty easy so far. 

It is a running joke at our house is, “Really, I am not fat. I am pregnant.” Or, “The more I go to the gym, the more weight I gain.” There are days that I ask myself if I am fat.  To answer, I see if my wedding rings will fit.  It is all in good fun because I am enjoying watching my belly grow.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fun Reads

These three books I lumped in one post because they are fun and easy reads.  Sometimes you just need a book that does not require much thinking and makes you sit and laugh out loud.

Brandi’s books are hilarious because she is so off the wall and crazy. Who else would think to have plastic surgery on their vagaja to re-virginise themselves after a divorce? But hey, we all have to heal in our own way so I am not one to judge.  Ms. Glanville also has to deal with drama from her ex, but in a way more public light, because her ex is married to the famous country singer LeAnn Rimes.  That takes mama drama to a whole new level.

After reading Brandi’s books, I took a different approach to being a step-mom and having a step mom.  Brandi often uses the term, “Bonus Mom” in an endearing way. I am much more OK with being called a “Bonus Mom” then I am with being called a “step-mom”, thanks to Walt Disney’s interpretations of wicked step-mothers. 

Adam Carolla is a funny comedian and I love his take on pretty much everything. Of course, I did not know much about him until he appeared on Chelsey Lately, and then a week or so later on The O’Reily Factor. Mr. Carolla’s President Me make me laugh as he talks about all the things he would change if he were President, and that is enough to get me to keep reading.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Body Book

In The Body Book, Cameron Diaz writes about our bodies but from a scientific perspective. She covers everything from cells at the molecular level, diet, body hair, and good healthy eating habits.
I appreciate how Ms. Diaz explains the body's break down of food digestion and how your body uses food for energy.  Everything is dumbed down in a way that I can understand and did not make me feel silly for not knowing or not understanding. 
This book is a must read for anyone interested in having an overall healthier outlook in life.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Wine Box

Since I have no soap box to stand on, I will stand on my wine boxes.

I am tired of society, to include my neighbors, strangers, and the media telling me what to do and how to do it.  So tired, in fact, I yelled in my sleep, “Go Fu*k  Y0ur$elf”.  Me and da mister laugh about it because somehow, in a deep sleep, I was able to get the words out clearly and loud enough to wake him from his sleep.

It all started when I was watching a news segment about a man who evaded a car crash by getting out of his car and running to a nearby house.  The lady at the house shot at the man, not once but four times, as if to stay, “Don’t even think about trying to break into my home and interrupt my time with my daughter.”  All I have to say is, girlfriend I like your style.

Over the summer, I was riding my bike in the neighborhood and Roxy was running along with me- the kicker is Roxy was not on a leash.  Truth be told, I do not always keep her on a leash because she loves to run and I cannot always keep up with her.  

She is super friendly. When she was a pup, I socialized her at the local doggie park.  The thing I have noticed is that it does not matter how my dog reacts, it’s about how people around her react.  The other thing is people who are afraid of dogs, want all dogs on leashes.  My thought is that if you run her over with your car or bike, it is my bad.  All of the time, Roxy sprints out of the way and there is never a collision.

On this particular day, there was a doe and her fawn hanging out at the corner house.  Roxy’s first reaction was to play with the fawn; after all, it was just her size.  The doe was not having it, and nor were the neighbors.   At a glance, it looked like Roxy was attacking the fawn.   I was afraid the doe was going to attach me and my pregnant self, so I was trying to also keep a safe distance.

This is where the yelling and the threats to call the police started. This is also where I wanted to say, “Go Fu*k  Y0ur$elf and mind your own business”. Instead, I dutifully picked up my dog and we walked home peacefully. 

Too many times, I defend my dog. People freak out when they see me running her, on a leash, running next to my bike.  They want to make sure she is rested and has plenty of water.  What on-lookers do not see is that she is very well taken care of.  She is given plenty of food and water.  Roxy gets regular vet visits and is groomed more often than a dog probably should be. 

People do not understand that she is a jack Russell terrier and she needs exercise or she gets bored.  She wakes me up at 5AM to play and requires constant stimulus to keep her entertained.  Too many times, I engage in seemingly friendly conversations to defend my actions, but I am sick of it.  Next time I will kindly say, “Go Fu*k  Y0ur$elf”.  

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Manhood: How to Be a Better Man-Or Just Live with One

I once read that biographies are good books to read because if you want to be successful, read how other people have become successful. 
Another reason I read this book was because Mr. Crews was a guest on the Chelsey Lately show.  Not quite sure who he was, I kept watching because all they spoke about was his addiction to porn and how he overcame his addiction and continues to be a loving husband, father, as well as a thriving actor. 
You may recognize Mr. Crews from commercials where he portrayed the comical and muscular man, yelling about Old Spice.  You may also recognize him from The Expendables. As I read his book, I quickly realized how he is so much more.  He played college football, NFL football, and started doing television acting. 
What I love about Terry is his persistence.  He did not come from much, but with his perseverance he continued with his dream- at all costs. And folks, that is what made him successful. How can we not learn from that.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Long Mile Home

The Long Mile Home is written by Boston Globe writers Scott Helman and Jenna Russell and was published on the one year anniversary after the bombing of the Boston Marathon. The book follows the lives of five individuals, to include the bombers and their family, to give the reader an overall image of all those involved and affected by the bombing.  
As an athlete myself, I appreciated reading about the surgeon who ran the marathon and who was looking forward to a hearty meal for replenishment, but only had a banana to last him through the entire day and into the early morning hours of multiple amputee surgeries. 
As a spectator of many San Antonio Marathons, I know how family and friends anticipate the arrival of their loved ones to cross the finish line; and  the tragedy of being involved in the loss of a limb- just because you wanted to get a better view of your loved one while she ran her first marathon. 
The writers included many details from countless interviews, media, and law enforcement to ensure a complete and accurate account of the days leading up to and after the bombing.  As each character is introduced, you almost become that person and can feel that emotion coming through the book.

The book covers a sad circumstances; but I enjoyed learning more about the race and what goes on behind the scenes, more than I ever knew.