Friday, March 21, 2014

Smelling the flowers

The two most popular questions I get asked are, do you miss your old job and how do you like Carrizo Springs.  The answers to these questions are similar.

I miss riding my bike to work, I miss my friends and I miss yoga on my lunch break. If Carrizo would have bike lanes and a hot yoga or yoga studio, I would be peachy.  It goes without saying I miss my family and friends. I get to see them on the weekends, not often enough, but I squeeze in phone calls and visits.

Thing around here have been busy with the new business (thus no post for a while).  At times, I get discouraged breaking into a new occupation. For 20 years I was in the IT industry and now all I see are eye glasses.  It becomes overwhelming when I think of my new responsibilities: billing, invoices, orders, prescriptions, and boss.  It is times like this make me stop and smell the flowers.  These blue bonnets blossomed in the front yard and nothing says Texas more than blue bonnets.