Friday, January 25, 2013


This picture has nothing to do with the post only to show you my nerd glasses- that I love.  I'm sexy and I know it.
It occurred to me that I may not have told you about our wedding plans. The trip is booked, rings are engraved, dresses are hemmed and flowers have been ordered.
Over spring break, when Mr. ICU and I have da boyz, we will be cruising over to Mexico. On March 14th, when we dock in Cozumel, we will have an in intimate ceremony on the beach. Dad, Lydia, and Alexis will be joining us.
A beach wedding has always been a dream of mine and I still cannot believe that this is becoming a reality. I have to admit there were days that I did not think we were going to pull it off because the logistics and the legal aspect have been quite complicated. It was not until the mister's passport arrived, a week ago, that the wedding became actual.
A dear friend of mine once told me that I needed to marry a person that I could always carry a conversation with because when looks fade, I could still sit next to that person and at least talk to them. My dreams were confirmed when Mr. ICU and I spent every minute of the last two weeks together. By the end of the last week, Mr. ICU was still laughing at my jokes and not once did I wake in the middle of the night with the pillow just a little too close to my face. I knew he was the one when I could tell him that I loved him, even threw gritted teeth. Sure, he can get my blood boiling but it is love that binds us. Love and my new glasses.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Copperas Cove, 2013

Barbieandherbike provided SAG support for Team Ricky in his first bike road race on Saturday. The early morning started as any good SAG does and the SAG slept on the drive out to the race. Once the numbers were pinned and water bottles in cages, I drove to the feed zone. It was a cold and windy morning and I was glad to be standing on the side of the road rather than riding my bike in a strong and cool crosswind.

Watching the riders speed by was exciting and really got my energy going. Not knowing what kind of support would be provided; I was prepared with five extra water bottles and a zip lock full of energy blocks. I found myself guarding all the bottles for my rider. When the riders came by I would hold each bottle in my hand and cross my arms as if to say, “back up buddy these aren’t for you, don’t even think of reaching your arm out.”

Once the lap was complete, I drove to each corner turn and started jumping and waving my arms to make sure Team Ricky could see me. Before I knew it, I was doing jumping jacks to ensure Team Ricky could see my teal jacket. There was no crowd to mix in with and it was not the teal jacket that stood out; but the crazy girl yelling and jumping in the middle of the road.

Ten years of bike riding, racing has not been something that I wanted to venture in. For now, being the SAG for Team Ricky and me riding recreational rides will suffice.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rock My World

A week into my two week stay-cation (a stay at home vacation), Mr. ICU is ready to send BarbieandherBike back to work.   We have not strangled each other, though we have gotten close a couple times, or taken the plunge to the JP’s office. I am happy to report that our passports have arrived and Mexico- here we come!  We are less than days away from a legal beach wedding.
To keep me busy, I have a make shift office, which consists of an iron board as a desk; and a yoga dojo/spin room that has been my retreat.  If it was not for the constant house shacking trembles, I would definitely feel a bit more relaxed. 
So I am in warrior pose…
breathing …
and there is a loud BOOM. 
The ground vibrates and the windows sway back and forth.  I stand and wait for the floor to drop beneath me. I look up and expect the ceiling to crack and swallow me into the soon to be collapsed house.  I think how will I ever peel myself out of warrior pose with bent legs and twisted arms.  Roxy and I quickly scramble for each other and I decide it must be all the frickin’ fracking going on.
Later, I find out that it is fighter pilots flying test flights and breaking the sound barrier. This can not be good.  Does the government know what is going on down here?  Do I need to call someone to get some quite around here?  Or/ at least get the house to stop shacking like a quake hit? 

On second thought, maybe it is Mr. ICU trying to show me that he can really rock my world.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, 2013

Reflecting on the past year it is hard to not see the obvious changes in my life.  Moments happen and the change goes unnoticed and other times there is a more in-your-face, things are totally different.
At the stroke of midnight I was awaken by the sound of fireworks. There was a part of me that wanted to get up, stand in the middle of the street and enjoy the fireworks; but who would I celebrate with. I meant to stay awake but I fell asleep. In an effort to get da boyz to sleep in their room, I was alone because da boyz had fallen asleep upstairs. Even Roxy had disappeared off to a quite spot. There is no poetic romance in waking up alone at the stroke of midnight and nothing to describe the disappointment I felt.
Fireworks displays, endless champagne, and sequence dresses is what comes to mind at New Years. Dancing the night away and shivering in the cold because I wanted to wear a strappy cocktail dress instead of something warmer.
It happens a lot to me because I have these over the top dreams, like riding my bike across America, and more often than not, it takes more coordination and effort than the normal person wants to deal with.
Yet again, I have a conversation with myself.  If there is something that I want bad enough, I will do it. I remind myself that nothing is stopping me from putting on my warm pink fuzzy robe and slippers to stand in my yard just to hear fireworks.  I proceed to remind myself that in years past, I was standing with inebriated strangers blowing cardboard horns and trying to make meaningful conversation. 
This is year I resolve to relish in each moment and let nothing slip by.  If there is something I truly want, then I will put the effort into making it happen. I wish the same for you- let nothing slip by you.