Sunday, January 20, 2013

Copperas Cove, 2013

Barbieandherbike provided SAG support for Team Ricky in his first bike road race on Saturday. The early morning started as any good SAG does and the SAG slept on the drive out to the race. Once the numbers were pinned and water bottles in cages, I drove to the feed zone. It was a cold and windy morning and I was glad to be standing on the side of the road rather than riding my bike in a strong and cool crosswind.

Watching the riders speed by was exciting and really got my energy going. Not knowing what kind of support would be provided; I was prepared with five extra water bottles and a zip lock full of energy blocks. I found myself guarding all the bottles for my rider. When the riders came by I would hold each bottle in my hand and cross my arms as if to say, “back up buddy these aren’t for you, don’t even think of reaching your arm out.”

Once the lap was complete, I drove to each corner turn and started jumping and waving my arms to make sure Team Ricky could see me. Before I knew it, I was doing jumping jacks to ensure Team Ricky could see my teal jacket. There was no crowd to mix in with and it was not the teal jacket that stood out; but the crazy girl yelling and jumping in the middle of the road.

Ten years of bike riding, racing has not been something that I wanted to venture in. For now, being the SAG for Team Ricky and me riding recreational rides will suffice.

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