Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, 2013

Reflecting on the past year it is hard to not see the obvious changes in my life.  Moments happen and the change goes unnoticed and other times there is a more in-your-face, things are totally different.
At the stroke of midnight I was awaken by the sound of fireworks. There was a part of me that wanted to get up, stand in the middle of the street and enjoy the fireworks; but who would I celebrate with. I meant to stay awake but I fell asleep. In an effort to get da boyz to sleep in their room, I was alone because da boyz had fallen asleep upstairs. Even Roxy had disappeared off to a quite spot. There is no poetic romance in waking up alone at the stroke of midnight and nothing to describe the disappointment I felt.
Fireworks displays, endless champagne, and sequence dresses is what comes to mind at New Years. Dancing the night away and shivering in the cold because I wanted to wear a strappy cocktail dress instead of something warmer.
It happens a lot to me because I have these over the top dreams, like riding my bike across America, and more often than not, it takes more coordination and effort than the normal person wants to deal with.
Yet again, I have a conversation with myself.  If there is something that I want bad enough, I will do it. I remind myself that nothing is stopping me from putting on my warm pink fuzzy robe and slippers to stand in my yard just to hear fireworks.  I proceed to remind myself that in years past, I was standing with inebriated strangers blowing cardboard horns and trying to make meaningful conversation. 
This is year I resolve to relish in each moment and let nothing slip by.  If there is something I truly want, then I will put the effort into making it happen. I wish the same for you- let nothing slip by you.

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