Friday, December 28, 2012


You know you are tired when you go to work to get rest.
This morning, while I was at work, I caught myself searching the World Wide Web for yoga retreats and day dreaming of quite time. I wish to someday find a secluded yoga dojo. One that starts meditation at 6 a.m., yoga is practiced until the 10 a.m. break for breakfast, and one that serves an organic diet. I would even be willing to help with chores (ashram duties). But, it is hard to find one of those places because they do not advertise on the internet.
Mr. ICU has da boyz in Carrizo for two days and I am enjoying my alone time. There are no laser guns shooting, cartoons blaring on the surround system, and I even have the entire king size bed to just me and Roxy.
It is not a break from da boyz that I search for, but a break from the rush and busyness of the day. Yes, these are self imposed pressures and pressures from society that keeps me running in circles. I constantly promise myself that I will cleanse my soul, eat better, and get away from my iPhone, but I cannot away from the blinking light notifying me of a new message.
The place where I experienced this restful feeling was when I was on tour. The only responsibility is getting your clothes clean and getting your bike ready for the next day of riding- that is the only pressure of the day. No checking e-mail or Facebook. No watching the NEWS or Honey Boo Boo. I have had a taste of this blissful state and now I have a constant urge for this freedom and rest from the world.
Someday is a while away. For now, I will submerge myself in the book, “Eat Pray Love”, and pray about one day finding my spirituality in a remote yoga destination.

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