Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Running Mate

The past two weeks I was off from work and rediscovered my running mate.Roxy and I have been inseparable. We run errands together and we eat together. Yes, that is correct.She eats when I eat.She sleeps next to me and snuggles with me when I lay around.
Our days were carefully choreographed and dog walks/runs became routine. I knew I was going too far when I caught myself saying, “I’m taking the d-o-g to the p-a-r-k.” I know she can tell when I am talking about her, so I spell it out to put shoes on without her biting my ankles in eager anticipation.
Her constant excitement about simple pleasures always brings me a smile. She sits on the middle console between the passenger and driver seat and lets the air conditioner blow in her face. Like in the above picture, I believe she is smiling.
When she does not received sufficient attention she drags her bed into the middle of the living room. And if that does not work, she pulls the laundry basket out from the bathroom. She gets mad when Mr. ICU kisses me. She stands at our feet and barks or runs between our feet until we reach down and pet her.
There is a bad case of separation anxiety going on and it may be me who is suffering the more severe case.

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