Friday, December 21, 2012

Wedding Budget

Smoke started coming out of the mister’s ears when I asked what our wedding budget would be.  It appears like I have touched on a sensitive subject.  The mister must not know that the average small wedding of fifty people is about ten-thousand dollars, not including the ring or honeymoon.
He says our honeymoon will be riding our bikes on the first leg across America. This is where I try to not sound too excited and play it casual because the wedding comes first, and then the honeymoon.  I will believe it when CrossRoads gets their down payment.  Whether the ride comes to fruition, Mr. ICU sure does know how to make this girls heart flutter with talks of long distance bike rides.
Relatively speaking, a Mexico beach wedding is much cheaper than a formal wedding. That statement does not ease the mind of the most practical person in the world- that person being Mr. ICU. This past semester he studied Virology Retinoblastoma and Electrophoresis (hopefully I spelt that right and put the capital letters in the correct spot).   He aces exams and writes reports to be published; I am also positive that he is smart enough to pull out that accounting degree and do the calculations for this wedding.
I totally get it. We have had a few large expenses recently; still, it’s a wedding and weddings are expensive.  I have been given strict instructions to not discuss the wedding expenses until after Christmas.  I bring it up mostly because I enjoy pushing his buttons. 


  1. Barbie,

    A wedding in Mexico can be complicated and expensive - you have to be married in a civil ceremony by a judge for it to be legal.

    I think a wedding in a Texas park or on the beach and catered by your friends (pot luck) would be much more fun and affordable.

    I'll be on the Manhattan Beach pier for the 2013 departure!


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