Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rock My World

A week into my two week stay-cation (a stay at home vacation), Mr. ICU is ready to send BarbieandherBike back to work.   We have not strangled each other, though we have gotten close a couple times, or taken the plunge to the JP’s office. I am happy to report that our passports have arrived and Mexico- here we come!  We are less than days away from a legal beach wedding.
To keep me busy, I have a make shift office, which consists of an iron board as a desk; and a yoga dojo/spin room that has been my retreat.  If it was not for the constant house shacking trembles, I would definitely feel a bit more relaxed. 
So I am in warrior pose…
breathing …
and there is a loud BOOM. 
The ground vibrates and the windows sway back and forth.  I stand and wait for the floor to drop beneath me. I look up and expect the ceiling to crack and swallow me into the soon to be collapsed house.  I think how will I ever peel myself out of warrior pose with bent legs and twisted arms.  Roxy and I quickly scramble for each other and I decide it must be all the frickin’ fracking going on.
Later, I find out that it is fighter pilots flying test flights and breaking the sound barrier. This can not be good.  Does the government know what is going on down here?  Do I need to call someone to get some quite around here?  Or/ at least get the house to stop shacking like a quake hit? 

On second thought, maybe it is Mr. ICU trying to show me that he can really rock my world.

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