Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Maybe I am a bit narcistic. Facebook and this blog feed my thoughts that everyone wants to know what BarbieandherBike are doing, because my life is so darn interesting [insert sarcastic laugh].

BarbieandherBike are going places. Barbieandherbike@gmail.com facebook paged moved to BarbieandRicky, of course my name is first. Barbie and her Bike blog remain the same because I continue to take my bike along on life adventures.

Deactivating my facebook page has been freeing and my time has returned. I still write one liners in my head, which sum up my day; but then I realize how ridiculous it sounds that people would actually care about how Ricky and I spend every minute of our days, and then I decide not to post.

So, I will retreat to my blog. It is my outlet and my journey, for what I want to record in my life. It can be as private or public as I choose. It is my comfort zone, the place where I am the super star of my own life.

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