Thursday, August 30, 2012


The first time Ricky courted me at my house, Roxy growled and barked ferociously at the book shelf. I tried to coax her out of the office but she persisted.  Not sure how to explain the commotion, Ricky offered to help find a roll away ball or stray bone.

Mr. Cool calmly says: Barbie, there is a possum under the bookshelf.
Barbie says: You’re kidding? What the French toast?!?

We spent that night locating a rodent pest control that was available on a Sunday evening. 
So, it seemed only fitting that the first night in our new home, Roxy growled and barked ferociously- at a possum.  This time is was not in the house but sitting outside on the fence.
We are so happy.  We have been dancing in the halls and admiring how the house is coming along.  Da boyz will love their new room and we look forward to the chaos of da boyz  stomping up and down the stairs .
To top it off, my father gave me the piano that I practiced on when I was in the fifth grade. It is the perfect piece to complete the house.  I never said I played well but I am going to start pounding ebony and ivory with heart.  Music will make the house our home.

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