Monday, August 27, 2012

Hotter than Hell, 2012

Communication and compromise is the key to any relationship.  Ricky started pedaling at 25 MPH.  I called out 21 MPH.  Ricky rode 23 MPH.  I suggested 19 MPH.  We went back and forth. He got mad because I was riding too slow and I got mad because he was riding too fast. At least we were on the road and we were able to ride off our frustrations.

The goal was a century ride, Ricky’s first. At mile 60 I was dizzy and had a headache.  I bonked after playing chase for sixty miles.  By mile 72, I knew that I was slowing us down too much, so I made the only acceptable deal.  I would SAG into the end and Ricky would finish riding.  I knew the wind would continue to beat me up and the best decision would be to get off the road. Seventy-two miles is still respectable and I am satisfied with the miles and the decision.
The end was filled with anticipation as I waited for Ricky to cross the finish line.  Of course, Mr. Cool finished the ride with no issue and welcomed the wind versus the heat.

We visited with CrossRoads friends to include: Larry Potter, Jim Hall, Rick Wardell, Wayne (CR 2000), and Tracy.  Rick Wardell hosted us at his home and we started the ride from his pharmacy, four blocks from the start line of the ride.  The high was 98 degrees with gust of wind up to 30 MPH.  Overall, the weekend was worth the 330 mile drive. 

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