Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do Over

Yes, I may have disappeared for a couple weeks. I have been figuring out a way to change the tone from the loss of Mom to something a little more uplifting. Adjusting has been hard, especially with the holidays quickly approaching. I do not want to be Debbie Downer any more.


Can I get a big drum roll please?

I have mailed in my deposit to complete the bike ride to Boston! Boston, here I come!!! June 8th I will start pedaling and will arrive on June 24.

My bike is on rest for November and December. January I will pick up my training again. Late night salsa dancing is order while my legs rest. Shaking, twirling, and drinking too much are on my agenda until then. Cheers!


  1. Hang in there Barbie. I think that your plan is a good one.

  2. after a great long ride, I love to go out and do a little two step, or progressive with my wife. My hips dont do la cumbia too well

  3. I recently lost my mom too, Dec 6th 2009. We are coming up on one year and I miss her like it was yesterday. I like your blog. I like sponsoring blogs like yours. I have a bike shop in San Antonio, Sage Cycles, and several online websites like www.BikePartsExpress.com that could help you with cycling gear and things. Contact me at rick@bikepartsexpress.com.

  4. I just mailed in a check to Tracy today.
    I enjoyed reading your blog last year during the ride and look forward to meeting you in June.