Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reality TV

For the past 23 days, I have managed to watch hours of cycling. Some days I even watched the replays up to three times. Now that the Tour de France is over, is there really anything good on television any more?

Jillian chose Ed in the Bachelorette. Daisy’s rock star is London. Risky is the winner of $100,000 on Charm School. Did you know that Brooke found a dog on the beach? It was big enough news that an entire episode of Brooke Knows Best was dedicated to the topic. Why have I become addicted?

It turns out that since I have started commuting to work; my evenings have turned into time to sit on the couch for ice and leg recovery. The easy thing has been to turn on the television. I have become sucked into reality television. Even as I sit there, I think this is ridiculous. Why do these people put their entire lives for millions of views? And why do I even care?

TIVO has made it tremendous easy to catch up on missed episodes and speeded up the time spent in front of the TV. Over the summer months, my usual shows are on break. I have convinced myself that CSI has to be more intellectual that strippers, rose ceremonies, and cat fights.

For the next week, I don’t want to turn on the TV. There has to be better things to do with my time. Roxy needs walks. I have a pile of books to read. There are family, friends and neighbors to visit. I doubt that I can make it through the weekend, but it’s worth a try.


  1. Barbie,

    As Charm School and Daisy are produced by the company I work for I thank you for watching the show which keeps me employed which allowed me to bike cross country.

  2. I too was glued to the TV from the day I got home to the finale in Paris - I watched in the morning and on the good days repeated with the highlights at night. And what a wonderful TdF it was...But even as limited as I was/am I have managed to avoid almost everything else on TV..there is so much to read, music to listen to that TV has not been an issue.
    That being said I'm glad somebody helped make it possible for Ira to do the x-c. I've never even heard of Charm School or Daisy.