Sunday, July 19, 2009


This week has been an overwhelming week of messages from Crossroad friends. It’s been a time of celebration, happiness, and for my friend Rich, some true sadness.

On my doorstep, I had a package. Come on now. Who does not like gifts? There was no return name just a packaging center address. After carefully cutting the package, it was hard to not recognize the yellow color. Willie had thoughtfully sent me a rain coat with the Crossroad logo, date, and places from the trip. I remember mentioning how much I loved his jacket but never expecting him to have one made just for me.

My Crossroads journey was for twelve days. Others road on for fifty days or joined for different tours and various durations. One rider was lost along the way. We remembered Charlie with stories and pictures. He took my picture because he wanted to send home a picture of the good looking lady on the trip. I can only smile as I remember him.

With deep sadness, my heart cries for Rich and his family for the loss of his father. While on the trip, he and I often spoke about our parents illnesses. I know the struggles and hurt. I can never say enough to give him comfort.

Crossroads was an adventure I wanted and never expected to meet such wonderful longtime friends along the way. Daily challenges and conversations, with a range of emotions, we will always remain in connected.

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