Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DAY 8: Wed June 15

We rode 89 miles to Erie, Pennsylvania and the tenth state line crossing.

Total miles: 89.7
Time on bike: 7:12
Total calories: 4370
Total elevation: 1765

Wow! We crossed into Pennsylvania and it is starting to feel more real. The day was gorgeous, a perfect riding day for riding. My knee is almost back normal size. I feel like I am finally catching up to the group and enjoying the dirty jokes at the SAG stops.

Today I made PB&J for Hottie and me. He said they looked horrible. Personally, I thought he would be more grateful since I carried them in my jacket all morning. We enjoyed our picnic on the side of the road and he took a five minute siesta.

There were lots of Amish. I spotted 3 buggies, a horse drawn tracker, and a barn full of school kids. The simplistic way of life is refreshing.

The highlight was a stop at a root beer stand. I had a burger and vanilla shake. George Bush (Not the ex-president. His blog is “Ride with George”) and I shared a dance to my song, “Barbara Ann”.

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. Tomorrow is a rest day and I anticipate being back to my old self in no time.


  1. Great to see you are feeling better. Enjoy your rest day.

  2. Rain is forecast for tomorrow, but it's your rest day, so who cares? I see you are staying at the Sheraton instead of the Avalon in Erie! I'm sure it's an improvement. Not much further to go and you'll be in Boston; the remaining days will fly by.


  3. The Sheraton was nice. I went there during the rest day and did some work in the lobby. Please congratulate Darrell for completing another leg of his journey.