Saturday, June 11, 2011

DAY 4: Sat June 11

We rode to Richmond, IN. 83 miles to the all American rose garden, home of 2,000 roses.

Ya wanna see my guns?

Total miles: 83.63
Time on bike: 6:19
Total calories: 4145
Total elevation: 1713

The day started with rain and then slowed to a drizzle. Soon after, the roads dried and a slight westward wind pushed us. Mom must have heard my prayers for I had a nice wind pushing me on to Boston.

Cheerleaders cheer us after the SAG stop and horse started horsing around, rather loudly, as we road by. The day was more pleasant and the miles ticked away with little pain. Once off the bike, I had a hard time walking from the knee pain. It seems like I can ride my bike with little pain but walking has become the problem. Overall, my body is adjusting to the saddle time and adapting to the tour life style.

It has become all about pain management. I live in compression pants and spend my down time in an ice bath or icing my knee. Sexy is out the window. My hair is lucky to get brushed one time a day and I have been four days without makeup.

Paula (pictured below) accused me of being sentimental and there is no disagreement on my end. I am so lucky to have been able to ride with her last year when we crossed the mighty Mississippi together. We also had each other to take the others picture as we cross into Illinois. This year she is SAG queen and enjoys her job more than anyone I know. (Her blog is: 2011 On The Road... And it is link on my blog roll.)

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  1. My knee problem is just like yours - i.e., biking is fine, but walking is a pain. But mine is caused by arthritis, so it will only get worse. I hope yours gets better.