Thursday, June 9, 2011

DAY2: Thurs June 9

Total miles: 79
Time on bike: 7:13
Total calories: 3306
Total elevation: 1739

We road to Crawfordsville, IN, 79 miles and it is the eighth state line crossing. We also changed into the Eastern Time Zone. We started the morning showing off our decorated helmets. Thinking that my fuzzy sticks would be a great and light weight idea, I wrapped about 50 of them all over my helmet. What I didn’t consider was the drag it would cause in the wind. By mile 20, I was un-wrapping those fuzzy sticks and leaving them for the wind to carry away.

The XC11 group is really nice and welcoming. They seem to all be friendly and bubbly. I did meet most of the on the rest day so that may also have something to do with all the smiles.

If Hottie could understand my English better he would have offered me cheese to go with my wine. It was windy (the open fields were no protection for the wind), my toes were numb from new shoes, (it took me 5 hours to figure out that I needed to loosen the straps) my knee hurts, and my I’m hungry complaints went on all day. I must have complained all day today. Hottie is being a good sport. Our conversations vary from the US postal system to the term “hanging out”.

It was 62 miles before I started to look for a bush/bathroom. That wasn’t good because I couldn’t consume enough water. Hydration and fuel was big for me and I couldn’t seem to get a good combination down.

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  1. I wish I had burned 3300 calories yesterday.