Friday, June 17, 2011

DAY 10: Fri June 17

We rode 78 miles to Hamburg, New York. We crossed our eleventh state line crossing into New York. It was a great day to ride with overcast clouds and a 6 mph west ward wind. Lake Erie was on our left side and vineyards lined the road to the right. Talk about an awesome riding day.

Total miles: 80.65
Time on bike: 5:43
Total calories: 3990
Total elevation: 1838

Today I opted to leave the shuffle in my bag and talk to Hottie. I think we are getting on the others nerves. He still says I am like a wife, bossing him around, taking his wallet, and not having sex. Our conversations are like this and they go on all day.

Harry: Do you want to stop for coffee?
Me: No, I am good.
Harry: What does that mean?
Me: No, I don’t want coffee. Do you want coffee?
Harry: Let’s move on.
Me: Do you want to stop? This maybe the last place to stop for the next 20 miles. Why did you ask me to stop if you didn’t want to stop?
Harry: (eye roll) Is my seat loose? Would you call the SAG so I could use their tools?

I have not added up the total miles to date but I know it’s a bunch. My days are running together and I am not sure what date it is. I do know I will be in Boston in one week. Just a week more of riding and I am trying to savor each mile. The right combination of ice and meds is making the days much more enjoyable and I feel better. I am in the grove and getting up to pace with the rest of the group.

As I ride, I am still waiting for an epiphany. All the while, I am considering getting this blog and turning it into a book. It is just a thought but something I am thinking a lot about.

The routine of tour is kicking in. Sleep, eat, ride. Eat some more, ride some more, eat some more, and then sleep again. I ate a 1500 calorie burger the other night at dinner, not including the salad, fries, and milkshake. Every day there is strawberry milk or a vanilla shake used as a recovery drink. Every night it is a different hotel and a different room number. If my card doesn’t work, then I know I am in the wrong hotel and possible at the wrong room.

Mom is always on my mind but not in a sad way. She is with me in spirit and I can feel her guiding me. I am in such a happy place knowing she was my best friend and confidant. I am lucky to have had wonderful conversations with Mom, which made it easy to get the cycle of life flowing in full circle.

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