Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DAY 1: Wed June 8 Champaign, IL

Through my sleepy eyes, it is becoming clearer that I am REALLY riding my bike to Boston. My nerves have gotten the best of me. I have not had a decent night sleep since Saturday and I am forcing food in my mouth to get fuel for the days to come.

As I blog this, I am at a four hour lay over and I share a couple of beers (yes, that is two to add to the count) with strangers at the airport bar. My t-shirt displays “Barbie and her Bike… to Boston” and the bartender gets everyone involved in the conversation. She yells to everyone “Barbie is riding 1200 mile on her bike to Boston.”

Darrell, Champ, and Hottie picked me up at the airport and then we were off to lunch. I have had a couple hours to mingle in the lobby and get my bike loaded up. Since Hottie is caring Boston (a stuffed dog) and Nemo (a fish tank) on his bike, it is up to me to carry the spare time. My flag is my XC09 flag that Karen rode to Boston in 2009. My gear is scattered all of my room but I will worry about that after dinner with 09ers.

The picutre features the XC09 group; Champ, Hottie, Me, and Darrell. Once I get into the grove and spend time one the road, I hope to make some intersting posts for my readers.


  1. Great photo but all I see are coasters - where is the beer?

  2. I've always wanted to share a couple of beers with some strangers in an airport bar. But you gotta have the knack.