Monday, June 20, 2011

DAY 13: Mon June 20

Hottie offered to moon me if I needed material for my blog. That being said, I have looked into my bag for something to entertain you.

The route is 78 mile to Little Falls, New York, however my left/right skills did not work well today and we took the scenic route. We were off route when I wanted to tell Hottie, “get off the F’ing phone and help me figure out where we are!” I didn’t because I knew full well he didn’t have a clue. The pressure of keeping us on course gets to me. Knowing I can call SAG at any time is comforting and they are quick to get us back on the path.

Total miles: 83.94
Time on bike: 7:39
Total calories: 3439
Total elevation: 1656

Good news today… Tracy has something special for me. It’s not the big map but its something. It put me back in my happy bubble. That along with good knees and good gears makes Barbie real happy.

The SAG divas, Paula and Debbie were moonlighting being match makers. In Erie, Frank joined the group and they were secretly organizing his room across the hall from mine. Everyone in the CR group was aware of their intensions and started whispering when Frank and I had a chocolate milk date. Sadly, the divas left the tour early and Frank left with them.

Today, we rode by a church that looks like a castle and the smallest church. It sits two people and you have to take a boad to get to it.

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