Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The ride is 91 miles to Niles, Ohio.

Total miles: 60.25
Time on bike: 5:37
Total calories: 2754
Total elevation: 1920

Yesterday, right after I posted my blog I sat at the end of my bed and noticed that my knee was the size of a golf ball. I totally freaked out and started to ball my eyes out. After conversations the doctor, I decided to SAG 30 miles into the first SAG taking some climbing out of the route.

This morning, my knee did not look so bad and riding smart made a difference in my spirits and my knee. Knee is close to being back to normal size.

Debbie and I had a blast in the van. We laughed. We cried. We took wrong turns and ended up in the candy store playing with a baby. The smell of fudge cooking was enough to give me that extra energy for the afternoon.

The horses and cows were all very curious and came to the fence to watch us ride by.

This post is short. Gotta hydrate, recover, and get on with it…

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  1. great photo of you, Tom, Darrell, and "hottie" on Paula's blog - all lookin good. How does Harry find his way when you are not there to navigate? Bob