Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bird Feeder

We decided to liven things up in the back yard by adding a bird feeder.  It has taken about two weeks for the neighborhood birds to get privy to free food at our house; but only the brave ones peck away as Roxy growls at them.
 Thinking back, knowing Roxy has a liking to chasing birds, maybe the bird feeder was meant more for her entertainment.  Roxy has caught a bird and dragged it in my house, through the doggie door.  All I know is that I came home to find bird feathers scatter around my kitchen.  She also caught a bird at the park.  This was a quick lesson for da boyz that it is a “dog eat bird” world out there and you have to be fast.
Don’t let this cute face fool you because she is ready to sprint off in a moment’s notice. The idea of birding while we eat breakfast has changed to seeing how fast Roxy can run the birds away.  

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