Monday, August 24, 2015

7 Months

Growing off the charts, Nathaniel is now seven months old.  We are still not sleeping through the night and I have him sleeping in the bed with me.  One day soon, that will change. Mark. My. Words.

Since I am a walking zombie, I am desperately searching for a Mother's Day Out program and looking for a reliable sitter.  I have learned that with most programs, I should have registered Nathaniel when I was pregnant. Who knew.

Let me introduce you to Korosh, my friend since college.  We never have been in a situation where I could see him with children until I introduced him to Nathaniel.  I was totally shocked to see how good he is with children.  After all this time, I never knew he is like a baby whisperer.  If only the babysitters I have been interviewing had half the magic as he does. 

Here is to good friends.  Even though we may see each other once a year, we always pick up right back where we left off. 

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