Friday, November 30, 2012

A Few Things

So again we go to the store and max out the two credit cards to buy a “few things”; and yet again I give Mr. ICU a heart attack. I believe we will end up killing each other before the wedding, either by heart attack or by banging my head against the wall.
When Mr. ICU * suggested that I bring a few things to the home in Carrizo Springs to make it feel more like home,  I do no think he thought a “few things” would fill his truck AND my SUV.
The home is CS is painted blue on the outside and almost every room is painted a shade of blue on the inside.  Let’s call the CS house, the Blue House.  
CS is a small town and I especially like the idea of being able to ride my bike across the street to the meat market/grocery store.  Though the eighteen-wheeler traffic can be hectic at rush hour, they don’t seem to bother me much and I enjoy being outside.
If there is one thing CrossRoads prepared me for was being in a different hotel room for 50 days.  Being in CS for three days and SA three days gets me confused on where light switches are and whether the toilet has a button or leaver to flush- try that in the middle of the night, in a sleepy stupor.
The fun is just beginning and lots of new things are in the works. Planning a legal beach wedding, in Mexico, is at the top of the list.
*Mr. ICU = Ricky

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