Saturday, June 2, 2012

Before the Canyon

The travel day was pretty stressful. It started with not getting a boarding pass until the plane started to board. The flight attended said it was a full flight and grab the first open seat. The first open seat ended up being between two unattended children flying home to their father’s house for the summer. The eleven year old girl was self entertained; however, the six year old boy seemed to need extra attention. He called the flight attendant over twice before she said not to push the call button again unless it was an emergency.

His name is Nicolas. Nicolas told me that his father is in the Navy and that he didn’t die. After that, I let him tell me about power rangers and all their powers. We both wished that if we had a secret power, we would want to be invisible. After he was board with his games, I let him listen to some audio book on my Nook. The flight attendant offered me a cocktail for assisting. I declined. There will not be alcohol in the canyon, so why start now?

I am getting more than a little nervous about the helicopter ride plus the camping. This city girl does not camp. The weight limit is one, twenty pound bag. I have a thirty-five pound bag. After dinner I have to down size and I do not know where to start. The weather is forecasted to be 70 degrees for a high and 34 degrees for a low; cooler than I think this Texas girl can handle.

Along with the anxiety of not knowing what to expect, I am sad. Sad that I am doing this alone. Lonely that this experience is not going to be shared with a loved one. Overall, I think this will be a once in a life time experience.

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  1. I'm so excited for you! Who knows, maybe you'll meet a hot guy in the canyon to snuggle with when you get chilly at night. I admire so much that you are out experiencing life to the fullest. Have a great time!