Friday, May 20, 2011

The Countdown

Eighteen days until I depart and I can’t play it off any more. I have mixed feeling of nervousness, anxiousness, and excitement. This has happened in previous years and I am not going to let myself chew on my tongue as a stress reliever. No, not this time. This year I am cool, calm, and collected. Well, that is what I keep trying to tell myself. This year it is easier since I know the routine. All I have to do is pack everything Tracy tells me to and show up ready to ride my bike.

Yes, my knee is still sore and recovering. Yes, my booty is still red. But on the bright side, my hands are extremely soft after applying butt butt’r five times a day.

This weekend I will be attempting an eighty mile organized bike ride in Blanco, Texas. It is called the Real Ale bike ride with beer at the after party. Now that is my kind of bike ride! Tuesday, my bike will get mailed out to meet me in Champaign, Illinois. Until then, I am enjoying the blogs and praying the Mr. Weather has a change of heart to warm up and stop the wind.


  1. The waiting is really harder than the actually riding. Be safe this weekend and I can not wait to read your blog.

  2. Hey, what could be better than beer at the end of an 80 mile bike ride? That should be an everyday event. Good luck keeping everything together the last few days - like Ira I'm looking forward to your blogs....Bob

  3. Hey, Barbie! We are eager to read your blog of your riding experiences. I'm sure you will do fine. Yesterday we had a ride around Gettysburg - 55 miles. It was a beautiful day and beautiful scenery. Needless to say, we aren't in the same shape as last year.

  4. One word, "embrocation!" ;-)